Weekly Design News Roundup – 8 November 2013

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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Free UI kits, how to effectively scare away visitors, responsive web design and much more.

Design responsive emails with brand new Ink

App design powerhouse, ZURB today launched Ink, a powerful new resource for designers to easily produce responsive HTML emails that look and work great across more mobile platforms than ever, including Outlook. “If you’re not considering mobile devices for your emails,” says Jonathan Smiley, Partner at ZURB and Creator of ZURB Foundation, “you’re not just crazy, you’re already irrelevant.”Email marketing is considered one of the most effective outreach channels on the web — in many cases, it’s still more effective than social media. However, over 40% of emails are now opened on a mobile device, and this is an upward trend. If your email doesn’t display correctly, a recent survey shows that nearly 70% of your recipients will just delete it.


8 Free IOS7 Wireframing Kits

When planning the layout of a web or mobile project, wireframing helps a lot to see and discuss the thoughts visually. For anyone who is about to develop a mobile app for iOS7, here are 8 free IOS7 wireframing kits that will be a huge time-saver.


6 Websites for Responsive Web Design Inspiration

These gallery sites will show you plenty of great responsive web design examples. They will be useful when you’re in need of design inspiration.


10 Extremely Beautiful Websites for Your Inspiration

Browsing the Internet is fun. Aside from the seemingly limitless information that is available for the taking, you could see art concocted with usability almost everywhere. Web designers have immensely evolved in their creative means to get through you. They have devised new designs to make the content of the website juggle with its design. This makes their clients and the market of their clients benefit from the art and the content that is spilled beautifully in the canvas of the World Wide Web. But the clients and the market are not the only people who benefit from this artistic explosion. Other web designers also benefit from this. The inspiration that has overflowed on the Internet has made a lot of artists do better, and learning, in this particular case, is through modelling.


16 Awesome Free Flat PSD Web UI Kits

To help you get started with flat design, we have compiled 16 free flat PSD Web UI kit. All of them are editable in PSD format and mostly covering all of the basic UI elements such as textfield, checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, drop down menu and some other cover extensive list of elements.


Useful Tools and Websites for Designers and Developers – October 2013

The month of October has ended and we at the TheDesignBlitz are here once again with the monthly list of useful tools and apps that are handy and readily available for designers and developers for making their tasks easier. The time that these tools and apps cut down is also appreciable because these fields viz designing and developing ask for lot of time devotion which leaves no room for time wastage. Here is the list of 25 cool tools, apps and online portals that promise to enhance the productivity of designers and developers by being readily available. As the header reads, this is our monthly listicle. Take a look!


25 Brilliant CSS3 Website Designs For Your Inspiration

Today CSS is used to provide the look and feel of giving significance to the outline and design. It saves the time which makes loading much quicker and is fairly stress-free to sustain. But not so informal to design a page with CSS because of the compatibility problems with diverse web browsers. To give web designers more tractability and interoperability, CSS3 is projected as the next key revision of CSS. In this showcase, you will discover a range of highly-creative, gorgeous and most prominently motivating designs that are coded with the main assistance of CSS3.


5 reasons why parallax scrolling is bad for your website?

Parallax scrolling is one of the hottest web design trend of 2013. However, I predict that we will start to see its slow demise in 2014 as there are too many problems with its implementation. If you have ever created or used websites with parallax scrolling, you will understand some of the issues. Below, I have listed out what I feel that negative aspects of parallax scrolling which in turn will drive web design back to other design forms. If you think I am wrong, I welcome any of your comments or feedback to the article.


50+ Fresh Design Responsive PSD Website Templates

In this post, we will going to showcase the most popular freshly designed Responsive Photoshop PSD Website templates. All the Premium templates listed here have been designed by ThemeForest Authorsand comes with features like responsive design, minimum 10 PSD files and well organized layers. The layers or files can be easily edited through Adobe Photoshop. These templates are easy to customize and can turned into an working website with some coding knowledge. If you don’t know coding or programming, than you can hire someone from Odesk or Microlancer to create a working website.


10 ways Adobe has transformed Dreamweaver

The latest version of Adobe’s web design tool, Dreamweaver CC,  integrates with many Creative Cloud apps and services – allowing you to get your ideas and mockups online as fully-working sites or prototypes as quickly as possible. Integration with Edge Web Fonts and Typekit means you can add beautiful type to your site designs with little effort, as well. Read on to find the headline features of the latest version of Dreamweaver…


Do Web Designers Need to Know How to Code?

Is it true that web designers must know how to code in order to be taken seriously as a professional services provider? Over the past year or so, I have seen articles and blog posts written that exhort web designers to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP. Some of these articles have even gone as far to say that if you don’t know how to code, you aren’t a true web designer. These opinions do have merit. It would be valuable and beneficial for a designer to have an understanding of the code work necessary to build a website, but in no way is it required to be successful in the art of web design.


15+ Free and Awesome GUI Sets For Your Web and App Projects

Free GUI set are in great demand nowadays. Majority of web designers experience a growing competition and every person work hard to turn out to be the best of the best. With thousands of expert designers online it is vital to stand out from the horde and know how to work cleverer than your contenders. Having the right approach, a convincing product and high quality content will constantly aid. Though, both when it comes to mobile application development and websites, one of the most significant traits is to look attention-grabbing, contemporary and deliver great usability. Proficient, modest and striking design frequently makes the transformation. While you can continuously start from scratch and do your design the hard way, it is definitely promising to take a shortcut. Many experienced web designers give away their innovative work as free GUI kits and you can use these as an initial point for your individual work.


35 Cultivated Flat Web Designs for Inspiration

Flat web designs are the most trendy aspect of today’s web development. Not only in web designs, in icons, apps and even in print media, flat layout are popular. On the other hand, some critic consider it, not for everyone. While the people who like it, they argue solid with its visual factors. Simplicity is the major factor which come into play and provides over all look and feel of any interface. For some interfaces, flat is so flat, semi-flat may be a new term to justify such web designs. Let’s have a look on today collection.


Writing and Designing a Killer Headline

Hey, you made it! You’ve arrived at this article. So how did you end up here? Maybe you were browsing Twitter, or reading your RSS feeds. Maybe it was a Google search. Or maybe you regularly come back to Tuts+ to see what’s new. But these don’t answer my question.  What led you to landing here, on this single article page? The answer is most likely: the headline. That’s what initially caught your attention and made you decide to click and read this article. Am I right? That’s what an effective headline does. It catches your attention, connects with you in some way, and compels you to either click into the page, or keep reading further.


5 Ways to Encourage Your Visitors to Immediately Leave Your Website

Approx. 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy no matter how great your services/products are. Sad truth, right? Wrong. When it comes to online businesses the key factor to make it a success is this: treat your customers as people.



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