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Weekly Design News Roundup – 7th June 2013

June 7, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look Photoshop tutorials, mastering web design WordPress Themes and much more.

25 Absolutely Free Flat Icon Sets

As we all know,flat design is the latest trend in web design industry and almost all web design elements buttons,icons,navigation bars etc. are in flat style nowadays.So what is flat design?Flat web design refers to a design form that does away with busy-looking patterned textured backgrounds, drop shadows around lettering and boxed sections within a web site.

30+ Free Web, Mobile UI Element Kits and Stencils for Designers

Good timing and organizing stuff is essential for project management. In web design for instance, when you want to deliver a project on time, there are several time factors that should be considered. When you spend your time efficiently, you can be sure to deliver your project on time or even faster. This is why you should consider choosing ways to organize your time and save it when it is possible.


10 Amazing Mac Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Mac is a brand of personal computers made by Apple inc. Mac is growing day by day and according to the Net Market Share, the Mac OS market share on desktop became 6.36%, which is amazing. With Mac, it is obvious that Mac apps are also growing. Many apps are available out there, but finding the best ones of a kind is not an easy task. So in order to help you out today we have a list of 10 Amazing Mac Apps for Web Designers and Developers. They will prove to be really useful for all the web developers and designers out there. Check the list out and pick the ones that suit your needs the best!


Mastering Web Design

Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of new technologies for web designers to learn that allow us to produce dynamic, engrossing and interactive web sites. HTML5 and CSS3 has matured greatly, with most browser vendors now supporting these new technologies at some level, and cross-browser compatibility will soon be a thing of the past — we hope.


Top 10 jQuery Plugins Of Great Importance

JQuery is a wonderful JavaScript apps available along with the help of which you are able to easily create breathtaking web outcomes in less than a few lines of coding. JQuery is contrived to modify the way you write down JavaScript.


Flat Mobile UI Design with Remarkable User Experience

Flat design means designing without the usual gradients, pixel perfect shadows, and skeuomorphism that’s been rampant in recent years (more on this later) to achieve what appears to be a “flat” interface. The most beautiful, modern and amazing Flat Mobile UI Design is right here. Today we’re picked up 50 Flat Mobile UI Design with Remarkable User Experience from behance and dribbble for inspiration.


Foundation for Beginners: The Grid System

In the opening part of this session on the Foundation Framework, we took a look at how you could make use of this framework, what it can do and how you can fashion a custom build. In this part we’ll look in detail at the grid system, demonstrating some examples as we go. We’ll also shake things up a bit and take a look at the Orbit JavaScript Slider plugin; a great slider for displaying all sorts of content.


15 Free CSS3 Tutorials to Create Amazing Buttons

CSS3 is the future of html/css. It is a very powerful css framework. Buttons are a very important element of any web design. It enhances the feel and beauty of the design and has an impact on its overall look. Creating buttons using CSS3 requires some experience because to add advanced effects to these buttons is not an easy task.


15 New Developer Tools for Code Geeks

Developing a well-coded and aesthetically well designed website –can usually end up becoming quite an endeavor for even the most skilled web developer. Developers as well as designers must now be able to stay abreast of current trends and web-standards and furthermore be able to determine ways by which to utilize them into their designs.


27 High Quality WordPress Magazine Themes – Problogging

Magazine WordPress themes are the subject of interest for plenty of individuals, owing to the manner they will gift content in a very lovely, clean manner and additionally mix advertisements as good as into the look. although they need modified plenty within the last years, magazine themes preserve identical key options through that they need to deliver the content to the visitant, offer him the data that he wants so he will notice it simply like he would have intercourse in a very newspaper.


30 Amazing Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials to improve your skills

Adobe Photoshop CS6 comes with amazing features and new interface changes. Photoshop is really stunning for graphic designers looking to create illustrations, web layouts, icons, digital artwork, photo effects etc. Therefore, no one can master on their skills without practicing of Photoshop tutorials.


20+ beautiful brushes from

As an amateur designer, there were two things I loved to go to when making pieces: filters and brushes. Filters were just cool and fun to mess around with. Brushes were tons of fun as well, but I would tend to use them as stamps. Nothing really too fancy. They were just quick ways to insert an element I couldn’t make into a design.


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