Weekly Design News Roundup – 6 December 2013

December 6, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at best free fonts, amazing ecommerce designs, great flat design, as well as the anatomy of a horrible web design and much more.

Web Design Trends That Will Disappear in 2014

If you’re looking forward to changes that come with starting a new year, you may also be excited to learn what sorts of trends are emerging in the web design world. What most people aren’t talking about, but should be, are the types of design trends that are on their way out, which ones should be left out and those that are unlikely to be seen again after the frosty morning of January 2nd. Here are a number of styles that are dying out fast. Some are bad design, but many of the following have merely fallen in favor because they shined a little too brightly in 2013.


50 Best Responsive Portfolio WordPress Themes

In today’s post we have collected best portfolio responsive wordpress themes for you.Portfolio themes are great to showcase your finished or upcoming design projects in a creative style.They are mostly clean and minimal so you can easily attract your visitors or customers. Here is the collection of 50 portfolio wordpress themes which are all responsive.


45 Search Box PSD Designs for Free Download

For web designers, It becomes more important to understand the fact that it’s the search box which helps to improve the conversion rate of a website. For that purpose there are already a number of search box PSD designs available in the market to give them a right direction with the right guidance that how to design the search box to improve the conversions as well as the average visits of the website. Today, We are going to enlist up some of the best search box PSD designs for free download.


20 beautiful examples of persuasive ecommerce design

et’s also say that whatever SEO, SMO or PPC strategy you’ve used (or not used) is successfully driving traffic to your ecommerce site, and that when those potential customers have clicked through to your homepage, or landing page, you’re confident that it ‘looks good’. Finally let’s say your site even provides a fine user experience. No real complaints. Everything works as it should.


36 Flat Website Design Examples For Inspiration

Flat UI design websites and Flat mobile user interface design are the most trendy topic in 2013. In this year Web design industry getting more exciting technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Long Shadow and Flat Design. By using these techniques designers make excellent websites.

Flat concept adopts a minimalist approach. The examples will give the readers a clearer idea about Flat UI in Web Design. Flat User interface design is very popular but the trend today is to use the Long Shadows design as well as the Flat Design for web pages.


50 Free Fonts Best of 2013

Best fonts of the year 2013 selection based on typeface style, concept and unique design which are perfect for blogging, headlines and headings. As a Designer, I know the importance of Fonts. Creative and free fonts are available on various websites on the internet, but this is a collection of best of 2013. The users can download these fonts and use them to create web & graphic contents for free. In this article you will enjoy the fifty best free fonts of the year 2013 which are free to download. If you want to check out more cool free fonts, then you must check our fonts collection, because web have a very big variety of free fonts.


Tips And Tricks To Find Out The Usability Of A Website

When a site is put together, the main thing that matters is whether it is usable and if not then it is a total waste. For those who are new into the world of web developing or as website owners or as web designers, the task of checking whether a site is usable or not and to what extent is not easy. It is something that experts should do as they know what to do.


The Anatomy of a Horrible Web-Design

The word “anatomy” conjures up ideas of how web design may be studied in its physiological structure, as if this article were dissecting each section of the process of “web design” in order to study it. So, that is what this article does-it picks apart the various factors relating to web design so that maybe you can see how horrible website design is built from the ground up.


5 Useful Chrome DevTools Tips for Developers

Google Chrome comes with a handy set of web development tools in the form of DevTools (The Chrome Developer Tools). In a previous post, we showed you a few basic tips on using DevTools like changing the User Agent string, CSS Editing, Changing color format, and moving the DOM. As Google continuously adds new features to DevTools, we have decided to showcase 5 more features in DevTools that could help you develop your website more efficiently.


Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of November 2013

With the ever increasing craze of joining the creative professionals, lot many people putting in their efforts and leaving no stone unturned to be the part of this field of designing. Adobe Illustrators being the topic of the day, would be the focus. Letting the creative juices flow and giving shape to the ideas to get the desired results is a different thing. Nobody is doubting your skills but each one of us know well that at one point or the other, we need a helping hand. Here is the point where tutorials come into play. I know that you are well acquainted with this term. Tutorials are basically written to help creative minds give shape to their ideas and create masterpieces. With the hope that you loved our previous listed fresh Adobe Illustrator tutorials, we are here once again with another listicle showing best Adobe Illustrator tutorials November 2013. Check it out!