Weekly Design News Roundup – 31 January 2014

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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at topics such as awesome WordPress Themes, jQuery plugins, Photoshop plugins all designers should be using as well as hand drawn elements in web design and much more.

20 UI Design Photoshop Tutorials That Will Come in Handy

Using Photoshop to create captivating UI elements such as realistic-looking icons and widgets is often a challenging task, especially for those who are still learning the ropes of UI/UX design. Many different factors have to be taken into consideration: the lighting, edges, shadows, and so on. Lucky for us, there are plenty of useful tutorials available online on how to create impressive user and web interface elements; and today, I would like to bring your attention to 20 of them. You can use these tutorials to spice up your website’s design, design a new mobile app, or simply to improve your Photoshop skills.


10 Fresh jQuery Plugins Worth Trying Out

Lately I have come across a whole bunch of useful jQuery plugins, and thought I would share them with you all here. It is amazing to see the versatility of jQuery inspiring creativity – for plugins that have a real use for web developers. While some of these plugins will not suit everyone’s needs, they do have their own special purpose – a purpose to help make web development faster and simpler, while assisting web developers to provide meaningful web user experiences.


44 Fresh Minimal Website Designs for Inspiration

In the world of darkness, a simple candle can light the whole place rather than a chandelier or heavy lightnings. Similarly a minimalistic design is created to justify its purpose rather than incorporating all the materials and create a chaos.


20 Beautiful Premium Portfolio Websites PSD Templates

If you work in the design business or in any other business where you need a portfolio in order to get hired, then this is the perfect list for you! If you don’t have your online portfolio set up yet, you should know you’re missing lots of potential clients. A good portfolio will always attract more clients for you and for your business. Today, we compiled a list of 20 Beautiful Premium Portfolio Websites PSD Templates. These templates are perfect to start your online portfolio as they have very nice, professional-looking designs. All you have to do is pick one and give it to your web developer. He’ll know what to do!


20+ Awesome Dashboard Designs That Will Inspire You

The Internet is awash with a truckload of websites. While most of them hardly manage to take hold of our attention, there are a few which find a way to perch themselves into our bookmarks and are scattered throughout browser’s history. The following list is not about those websites! Instead it brings forth what lies behind the websites – dashboards -and lets the site admins dictate how their website works.


20 jQuery Image Zoom Plugins for Stunning Effects

The magic of jQuery has been relatively compared with Flash throughout the web. Albeit, Flash was once regarded as being the web choice which was used by web designers. However with the arrival of jQuery and all of its special ‘flash-like’ interactive effects gracing web pages- Flash has taken a back seat. Presented here are 20 jQuery image zoom plugin demos which depict the innumerable image effects which one can utilize for a more captivating visual experience for the end user. Enjoy !


Web design 101 for beginners

In the current internet age, we cannot expect a brand or a company without a website. Online presence is a necessity for the companies to sustain in this competitive arena. These websites will leave a major impression of the company in the mind of a customer. In this regard, a unique and appealing web design plays a pivotal role in the web development process.


12 Premium Photoshop Plugins for Designers

Adobe Photoshop is still the tool of choice among many web designers, simply because it provides a versatile, powerful platform to help us produce beautiful and unique artwork. It has its limits, however, and at times we need access to functionality that doesn’t exist within Photoshop natively. This calls for additional software, in the form of plugins, that integrate easily and extend Photoshops capabilities. With so many add-ons available, it can be frustrating to research the best ones to download and install, which is why we’ve done the legwork for you. This list covers 12 premium Photoshop plugins that can improve your workflow, save time, increase efficiency and give you more creative freedom. We will be covering free plugins shortly, because extending Photoshop doesn’t mean breaking the bank — so stay tuned.


10 Web Development Blogs Everyone Should Be Reading

A creative web development strategy for your website will improve your online presence and increase the amount of quality content your website provides. Your website should be easy to navigate, fully functional, and interesting to those who visit it. There are many blogs about web development and design on the Internet to give you tips and ideas on how to create a dynamic website but there are some blogs that stand out from the rest.


25 Super Useful HTML5 Tools for Developers

HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet. In this article I have compiled a list of 25 useful HTML5 tools to simplify and speed up your HTML5 coding, I hope you will find the list handy and useful for your development tasks. Enjoy!


14 lousy web design trends that are making a comeback

I was on the verge of writing a post about the joys of HTML5, which when combined with CSS3 and Javascript can do some very impressive things. However, having visited a bunch of ‘inspiring’ HTML5 websites I’ve ended up with a slight headache. The truth is that many of these sites leave a lot to be desired. It’s a case of déjà vu. A decade ago the rise in popularity of Flash steered many web designers down the wrong path. It wasn’t the fault of the technology, but of the people using the technology. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I’m all for innovation, but innovation should not be regressive.


25 Websites Every Designer Must Bookmark This 2014

As Spiralytics’ web designer, part of my job is to never run out of inspiration and get those creative juices actively flowing. And when you’re designing on a daily basis with deadlines to meet, you need to kick designer’s block to the curb. Luckily for designers like me, the Internet offers not just unlimited cat videos, there are also a ton of websites that can refuel my design inspiration tank when I’m in dire need. For my very first blog post in Spiralytics, I’ll be sharing my top 25 picks of websites that can help fellow designers to never run out of new creative ideas and get their designing mojo back. The list includes fresh, amazing, and very useful must-bookmark websites for this year.


10 Best Free Coming Soon WordPress Themes

If you are into online business you know you can’t leave the blank page for the visitors to see, you need to tell them that the website is offline or is in development phase and not yet made live. What could be done to let the visitors convey the messages? Well, I guess you know the answer. Yes, ‘Coming Soon WordPress themes’. For all you WordPress users, coming soon or under construction WordPress themes solve the purpose. These are the type of wordPress themes that are used whenever your WordPress site is offline, under maintenance mode or yet to be launched. Here’s a collection of best free coming soon WordPress themes that are great for pre-launch and earning subscribers. Take a look. 


10 Example of Modern and Creative Responsive Website Layouts

Responsive web designing is the highly demanding trend in website designing these days. As a website designer, it is the second thing, which I love to see while visit any website that how the page responds at mobile devices. I like to call this responsive web design in short by RWD. Most of the time, I am quite pleased to see the content on mobile devices like iPhone, if site is responding with cool features such as automatically adjusted graphics, layout, content size, font, enlargement amenity to increase the size of images, etc. With the rising popularity of iPhone, iPod, tablet, the responsive web designing is also growing. There are still a plenty of sites use this amazing technology through “jQuery Touch” and “HTML5” to utilize their innovative & attractive design on mobiles for business growth.


13 Examples of Illustrations and Hand Drawn Elements in Web Design

Illustrations and hand drawn elements can add personality to a website while grabbing the user’s attention. And as long as you don’t turn your page into an illustration frenzy, there are several ways to incorporate these elements in your project. You can add subtle illustrated icons, hand draw type, or big and bold illustrated backgrounds. It’s up to you. To show you that when properly used, illustrations can be very effective, we’ve gathered a few inspiring examples. Check it out.


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