Weekly Design News Roundup – 30 August 2013

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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at the perfect sidebar, CSS goodies as well as HTML5 video players how to speed up your responsive web design and much more.

14 Inspiring Clean Website Designs

Stumbling across a nice and appealing website while browsing through the web can be rewarding, especially when you are looking for some sort of inspiration to start your own website. So to help make that easier, we have combined some of our favorites in this post, so you don’t need to dig to find some absolutely striking designs!


How to speed up responsive websites

Responsive web design is the buzzword of the decade already, and is ideal for the multi-screen connected world that we live in. However, the trade-off for this is in performance due to larger file sizes. This has prompted some experts to say that, like the early days of Flash, responsive design is something that we could all be getting excited about for no good reason. However, while at the moment there are performance issues, these can be overcome to some extent with some small adjustments, compression and image resizing.


Best HTML5 Video Players and for Developers

Most web users have probably heard about the HTML5 video hype taking over the web recently, and the excitement over what it has to offer in comparison to Flash. The important factor to be considered with HTML5 video players are that they are: fast, responsive, easy to install and compatible in all browsers. For this article we’ve gathered some of the best html5 video players, along with html5 video frameworks and plugins.


9 Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy

Writing for the web is totally different from writing for print publications or writing a book. Print publications have a limited amount of space, but on the web you have unlimited space and very limited attention. Here are 9 tips for tailoring your copy to capture as much of that attention as possible.


HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners: Creating a Simple HTML5 Webpage in 30 Minutes

If you ask a web developer, he’ll probably say that HTML5 is the greatest thing to have happened to humanity since the invention of Nerf guns the printing press. HTML5 helps you create powerful, interactive web pages and applications packed with the goodness of CSS3 and jQuery. It is used in every new website/web app and is an essential skill to learn for any web developer. You can master HTML5 programming the easier way by taking this popular course from Sushant Das.


333 Great Resources for Responsive Web Design

So, you’ve known about responsive design for a long time, but you never tried to create a responsive web design on your own? Or you downloaded a responsive template, but have no idea how to change things up or add responsive elements to it? This is where I was not very long ago. That’s why I put together the Responsive Design Knowledge Hub to help you learn more about this hot topic in web design. By clicking through the various lists of helpful tutorials, tools, examples, and much more, you will get a head start on your next responsive design project. For both newbies and responsive veterans alike, this guide is a valuable resource to be added to your virtual web design toolkit.

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30+ Examples of Well-crafted Forms in Web Design

An elegant and solid signup form can help improve the visitors confidence towards the person or business behind the website. Regardless if we look at a signup forms, login forms, contact forms or other similar types of web forms, we all have to remember the idea behind them. Web forms has to attract the attention of the website visitors and encourage them to fill in their personal info. To help in bringing the point home, I have collected more than 25 of the most creative forms in web design. I hope you can use them as inspiration in your own projects.


30 Best HTML / CSS Website Templates From August 2013

This article is a collection of best HTML  / CSS Website Templates from the month of August 2013. As a web designer I know the importance of ready to use website templates. These templates can reduce the work load of a web designer. We are also providing free website templates for our readers. Do share this article with your friends to help us spread the word.


25 Free Html5 And Css3 Web Templates

HTML is core technology of internet, which is used for create structuring and presenting of the world wide web. And it’s fifth revision is HTML5, which is come with some additional element syntax for instance doctype declaration and some additional tags through which this has been much easier than before and also for its users. On the contrary, CSS3 has been also developed with great features, in which more style’s properties has been added so that, you can design your website more beautiful. In our today’s post we have shared “25 Free Html5 And Css3 Web Templates”. Hope it will prove useful in your web designs, so let’s have a look below download your required html5 and css3 web template and enjoy.


Anatomy of a Perfect Sidebar – The Nuances of a Good Design

One of the main reasons visitors don’t pay attention to the sidebars amounts to poor design choices. Other reasons could be using too many or too few elements, displaying dull and uninteresting content and not ordering the elements properly, and so on. Neglecting to design your sidebar means lower page views, lower ad clicks, lower conversion rates, and lower sales. Even if you’re not expecting any income from your WordPress website and just expect people to read your content, you still have to design your sidebar(s) well to be able to guide your visitors with your navigational sidebar elements. We’re going to go through three main factors of a good sidebar design: dimensions, colors and typography basics.


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