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Weekly Design News Roundup – 16 August 2013

August 16, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Flat UI, Do and Don’t when designing a logo, as well as developer frameworks, and much more.

How To: Speed Up Your Website

It’s no big secret that web users like their content to be delivered in a swift and efficient manner. Research shows that people expect websites to load within a couple of seconds ideally, and that a delay of more than three seconds will result in 40 per cent of users abandoning that website. Speed of loading also has an effect on trust, conversion rates and repeat visit rates, so as a website owner, why wouldn’t you want your website to load quickly? With Google asking webmasters to deliver sites that are fast and functional, or suffer the de-ranking punishment, businesses should all be undertaking website testing to find out how their site measures up. If you know your site is not performing quite as it should and are looking to make some improvements, here are some of the areas you should focus on to start with.


11 WordPress Image And Video Lightbox Plugins

A lightbox is a sort of stylized pop-up that permits users to view larger versions of images without having to leave the current page. The use of the dark background, which dims the page over which the image has been overlaid, also serves to highlight the image being viewed. Below is a List of 11 WordPress Image & Video Lightbox Plugins.


A Guide to Optimizing Email Newsletters with CSS

Sometimes technology fires back with its roots and leave us helpless for few seconds after which we realise what we must do as an alternative is also another arm of technology. Have you ever been challenged amidst your work by the need to keep aside advanced email tools and build an email template by hand coding the standard html tools? Then you will know what is to be discussed here and why. You first need to know about email newsletters.


New Single Page Website Designs for Inspiration

Single page website simply names it, a whole website on one page. Fitting in a single page, this type of design has all the content centered on home page, allowing the user the type of navigation to scroll through different sections continuously in a flow while staying on home page, making the experience quite a thing for the user. So here’s the new collection of single page website designs with simple and dynamic outlooks, navigation menus and a lot you’ll find to inspire to get a perfect design you’ll be making very soon. Have fun!



Free Vector Graphics – Banner samples

When it comes to creating banners, well-done free stuff can come in handy. It offers you some creative solutions, nice graphic realisation of your ideas. Find a good free vector graphics, and a half job would be done. You’ll only need to add texts, choose the right font and colors, polish the look of banner. It will save your time and nerves. But the question remains open. Where can you find nice examples of vector banners?

I’m glad to share with you a compilation of free vector graphics that is perfect for adding the stylish touch to your works. All these items are undoubtedly trendy and visually appealing. Using them in your designs, you bring a catchy tone into the latter.


The Dos and Don’ts of Designing a Perfect Logo

When I talk about perfect logos, I am referring to the memorable ones which are works of art. There is a lot more to designing perfect logos than just the creative aspect. A logo is a visual representation of a business’s value proposition, mission, values and business principles; and to showcase all these aspects within a single image takes a lot of effort. This effort takes the form of brainstorming, ideation and research, getting inspiration, creating mockups and finally getting the design green-lit by the client. The last involves convincing the client (in the event he isn’t too sure about the design) why a particular logo design will perfectly represent his business.


Top 10 Online Tools That Can Help You Build Your Website

You can design the website directly on the dashboard, skipping all the hassle of transforming your ideas into code and the inconveniences of incompatibility and compromise. Such website buildershave been around for some time already, but the market has never been so ripe and mature. And things are getting better. Let us look into some of the best web builders out there, to help you choose faster and better.


HTML5 and CSS3 Form Validation

In HTML5 forms got a major upgrade with the addition of some simple, yet flexible validation attributes. To support these added attributes CSS3 also added several new pseudo selectors styling controls based on their validation state.  To illustrate the new attributes and some of the new input types, we’ll be building up a simple sign up form. Every sign up form is essentially the same, you fill in your details and click submit. How many times has the form been reset on you after you’ve missed a required value or not provided a strong enough password?

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 8.24.55 PM

10 New Useful Development Frameworks

In this article I have gathered 10 new useful development frameworks which will assist you within your coding and inspire you to design and develop cross browser dynamic websites and web applications. We hope these frameworks will serve your code purpose and projects. If you like the article you might be interested in our other article on 8 New Frameworks for Developers.


Top 10 WP Customization Service Providers, Reigning over Globe

From here, you can know about the best in class coding agencies. So, just check out this list and take you decision. Moreover, this list is made using the real feedback of customers, who have taken WordPress customization services from these companies. Furthermore, this list also indicates the growth of these companies. Therefore, you can trust on the ranking of all these companies. You will only have to pick any single developer and cross the acclaims afterwards.


10 Free PSD Login Forms in Flat Design

These login forms are easy on the eye and unobtrusive, as each well-done field for user input should look like. Why is their style so important? Effective and neat login form design help convert site viewers into registered users who are potential customers. One more important point is that they should clearly communicate to the user the actions he/she is expected to do.


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