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Weekly Design News Roundup – 15 November 2013

November 15, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at WordPress themes for Health Professionals, Business themes, as well as design tools for 2014 and much more.

12 Free Admin Templates 2013 For Backend Panels

You know that when it comes to the admin area of your website, it’s not that easy to come up with something that will be effective in all stages of your website. At first, when your website is not generating high traffic and you have just a few posts and limited content, you will not have any problems at all. Then, when you start to popularize the website, you will feel the growing need of something more useful to handle your custom needs. That’s why, you need a powerful administration area where you could manage your website with ease.


8 Up-and-Coming Design Trends Marketers Should Know About

Have you ever felt like every time you mastered a new design technique, there’s something else new and exciting that you see on websites? I know how you feel. There will always be new design trends we’ll hear about regularly and learn from. Some of these trends are long-lasting ones, though. These are ones that you, as a marketer, should be aware of when creating new webpages or beginning a website redesign.


40 Professional Adobe Muse Templates

This article is a collection of professional Adobe Muse Templates. Adobe Muse is an application developed by Adobe Inc. to help designers create a website without writing a single line of code. It has become very popular software because of its easy to use nature. You just need to design a site like you used to design in Adobe Photoshop. After that just press the button of export as html and you site is ready to publish. If you don’t know much about Adobe Muse or if you want to save your site then you can use already designed templates. All the templates featured in this article have the professional quality of a professional website. Do share this article with your friends to help us spread the word.


50+ Clean Responsive Business WordPress Themes

We have collected a list of 50+ Clean Responsive WordPress Themes to help you and your organization make well informed selections when developing or buying a business theme. Hit the jump and check out complete collection of responsive WordPress themes.


Best html5 animation tools for 2014

For interactive website designers, using animations is part of the design routine. One of the latest innovation in web design is using Html5 animations to avoid the use of Flash, which is slowly being phased out of the market place. To make things simpler, there are now Html5 animation tools that allows you to design and create simple animations that work particularly well with websites.  I have rounded up a list of such tools for you to try out. If you have any insights into which of these tools work well, I welcomed your comments and feedback.


10 Best CSS Gradient Generators

Creating CSS gradients can be time-consuming and tough. This short list of free online tools will help you quickly generate CSS gradients by giving you a graphical user interface and other useful functionality. These gradient generators will be handy when you’re trying to produce more complex gradients or when you’re just starting to learn CSS3.


60 High Quality and Free Responsive HTML Templates

Everyone’s running around trying to hop on the newest trend: flat design, but before flat there was responsive web design. It was the craze two years ago, and 8/10 websites you will visit today are responsive. This is in response (tee hee) to the mobile web revolution, of course. It has become a standard, even if a web design client is not specifically looking for a responsive website, it’s already a given that you, as a web designer or developer, need to deliver responsive sites all of the time. So, here are 60 responsive website templates to speed up your design/development process. Feel free to download and edit them!


20 Crafty Ecommerce Website Templates for Your Handmade Business

Sometimes it’s easier and a lot cheaper to buy a website template rather than make the website from scratch. By using a pre-made website template and customizing it, you’ll save lots of precious time and start your online business in no time! Here, we selected 20 crafty ecommerce website templates, just perfect to start your homemade business online. These 20 templates are not only good for you if you want to start an online shop, but also if you’re a designer looking for some design inspiration for your next project.


6 Popular Fall Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2013

Summers are gone and fall is upon us. The designers are getting ready for the new season by updating their websites with fresh content and new look. If you too want to give your website a makeover, then getting to know the latest web design trends is a great way to start. Although some trends did survive since 2012, this year saw an enormous surge in new web design trends. In this article, you’ll have a look at some of the most popular trends of fall 2013, which will help build an elegant and efficient website.


10 Excellent Design and Development Tool for Web Developers

Every professional needs perfect tools for creating master piece design for their clients. Inspiring design and development is only done with great efforts and the right tools. Luckily, there are many different types of design and development tool for web developers available that completes their jobs faster than before. Getting to that point is quite harder however, tools help to reach you to reach your goals and get utmost outcomes. Below, I have made a list of 10 popular and most required web design and development tools that helps professional in their designing and development process.


15 New CSS Tools for CodeGeeks

There are a multitude of great CSS tools which are readily available on the web which enable designers and developers alike within writing better and valid CSS code. These tools help within achieving good command over CSS which serves as a pivotal factor by which many designers and developers constantly seek to add to their toolbox. Hence, with this in mind we have rounded up a collection of 15 New CSS Tools for Codegeeks which will increase work efficiency. We hope that you will find the list below beneficial to your needs.


20 Free WordPress Themes from October 2013 to Brush the Dust Off Your Website

This is the season where nature gets more colorful than during any other time of the year. Before things get white, cold and – well – colorless, nature takes a stand. Why don’t you, too? Your site could well need a little dusting. We know you’ve been promising that to yourself many times throughout the year. Do it like nature does, prepare your blog, magazine, whatever you maintain, for winter tristesse. Today we show you the new (and some re-issued) WordPress themes of October 2013. All these themes are free, though some have commercial variants available. We stated that where applicable.


The Best WordPress Themes for HealthCare Centers

WordPress is emerging to be an open source blogging tool with no equal. The unrelenting pursue of innovation by the leading platform has perched it far ahead of the competitors who haven’t been doing a bad job on their end. Some stunning themes are a prime example of this. Here is list of medical WordPress themes that have taken a totally different tangent than the usual.


11 Reasons Why your Infographics Suck

Infographics you all know are ruling the web world. They are everywhere with new ones being launched every now and then. Graphic designers these days are creating cool knowledgeable infographics that ensure to convey the message or impart knowledge in visually appealing manner. Designing these is not as easy as it seems to be when you look at them. Designing an infographics to convey some message to the viewers or o make them understand a concept that too while keeping them engaged till the end is actually a hard nut to crack.


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