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Weekly Design News Roundup – 13 December 2013

December 13, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at christmas resources, the difference between a web designer and a web developer, why you should’t rely on Photoshop when designing a website, Free UI elements, Modern Fonts and much more.

15 jQuery CSS Plugins to Speed Up Your Coding

When one requires a more effective method by which to style a property for first matched elements ( primarily in the way by which different browsers access most properties ) – the .css() method proves to be a more convenient way within accessing certain properties. With the css() method sets – or – returns, one or more style properties for the selected elements can be set to manipulate any css or html elements, however – if one desires consistency, they can simply use “float”, and JQuery will translate the correct value for each browser.


Best Bootstrap Visual Editor

For designers who either don’t know how to write code or don’t like to write code using a visual editor can be very appealing. A visual editor lets you drag and drop components on to a canvas and you (instantly) see a live preview of your web page. Most people who know how to code are skeptical about visual editors because they often don’t result in clean HTML. To see which is the best Bootstrap visual editor I’ll briefly discuss their features. I also did some simple tests to see how they perform in practice and what the quality of their output is like. At the end of this post you’ll find a table summarizing the features of the most interesting editors.


How to Easily Create a SlideShare Presentation

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever feltpersonally victimized by PowerPoint. When you open it up, you’re hit with stark black Calibri font on a white background, killing any creative inkling you may have felt. It’s daunting enough to creating a 10-slide deck to report your monthly marketingmetrics — never mind putting together a PowerPoint to be seen by the 60 million monthly unique visitors on SlideShare. … But you know how hot visual content is, and you want to jump on board to reap the sweet sweet engagement, traffic, and leads that follow. So what to do?


25 Free Design Resources from November 2013

Hello world! Another month has passed and here we are, back again with another collection of the most awesome fresh and free design resources we were able to dig up. We’ve put together a set stuffed with HTML, CSS and PSD templates and added the best UI kits. One important information before you read on: All the following elements are freely usable, though some will require a registration to download.


They Say You Shouldn’t Count On Photoshop Anymore When Designing Websites

The complaints against Photoshop primarily focuses on the end product, and rightfully so. Although Photoshop can be used to generate some flawless designs, after laboring over a project for hours, what you may end up with is a static reproduction that is incapable of capturing the life-like experience you get from using HTML. HTML and CSS rendered pages speak for themselves. When you preview one in your browser, you are looking at how the page will look in its final presentation. HTML and CSS are designed to utilize your browser’s capabilities to create things like fluid layouts, and progressive enhancements and animations. These capabilities are beyond Photoshop’s reach.


10+ Best WordPress Photography Themes To Showcase Your Works And Creativity

Large number of modern people has started using WordPress because of its intuitive, simple interface and easy to understand functions. Creative people who love photography can simply take advantage of various WordPress photography themes and showcase their talent with style and elegance. Besides, creating a website using WordPress Photography to interact with people and to share your creativity and work, using the right theme will help you attract visitors and also turn them to potential clients.


15 Free Modern Fonts

In our showcase below, we have gathered for you just such examples of the best free modern fonts that will look great in your design projects, posters, and web designs. Modern fonts are not stylized like other fonts, so they are usually easier to read and look really awesome. They would look really great for websites that follow a modern and tech-savvy approach in design such as building and construction, music, fashion, media, graphic design, food and drink, cafes and restaurants, and portfolio websites as well. They are all completely free so you must download them all right away and save them in your design bucket for future!


30 Beautifully Designed Sites Using Horizontal or Vertical Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is the means to prevent users having to click on ‘next page’ buttons. In this round-up we are also featuring those sites where the scrolling loops infinitely whether it’s horizontally or vertically. In some instances ‘infinite’ is not strictly correct, as the scrolling will come to an end when the search term or content is exhausted – but in many cases you could be scrolling for hours before that happens!


9 Small User Experience Details Most Websites Miss

Designing a website that gives users a pleasant experience requires attention to detail. But there are so many aspects to designing a website that it’s hard to remember all the details needed to make it easy to use. Here are a few small, but important user experience details that most websites miss. Missing these details can frustrate users and lead to website abandonment. Make sure your website handles each of these the right way.


25+ Premium Web Hosting Website Templates

Here are 25+ Premium web hosting website templates will help create a professional website for you business. Some templates was design to resolved screen solution with new responsive design layout that support mobile versions as well. Hope you like this article please leave your comments.


100 Cool Web App, iPhone App and Android UI Kits

t is a matter of open reality that the designing jobs at the present time is no doubt has become very complex. At present, various types of web apps and UI kits play a vital role in this regard. That’s why the creative designers like to utilize them hence seeking the exclusive one all the time. These resources can ease their jobs tremendously and just according to their demand. But the problem is which application and UI means are useful that can cover all their requirements. Here are the greatest and helpful 100 Cool Web App, iPhone App and Android UI Kits that you will get from this roundup. By using them, any developer whether he is an expert or a newcomer in the design filed can take useful inspiration from them and get the job done perfectly.


Manage Your WordPress Blog Like A Pro – 50 Best Free WordPress Plugins Your Blog Needs

So you have got a WordPress blog up and running. Now make sure you leverage all the benefits of this feature-rich platform. WordPress offers a decent feature set in its own and also provides various extension points that you can use to enhance your WordPress blog. You can turn your WordPress website into an online shopping portal, integrate with third-party services, or use its content management features to host a website or knowledge base. You can do all this and much more without having to write a single line of code. Thanks to the rich WordPress plugins library that allows you to simply install and configure useful WordPress plugins and enhance functionality of your WordPress website.


6 Free Tutorials for Web Designers

Today’s piece of inspiration is here, buddies. We know that web is the like running water. You fetch some & same will never come to you. Designer working here always need to be at the top. So we are helping you here with 6 free tutorials for web designers. Web designing is the one challenging field. Design trends changes like it is changing clothes. All new looks, all new colors, all new themes, all new technologies & all new themes… You need to keep a close eye for these trends. We know that you need to be the highest cherry on the icing. For this, you should be tuned with not only todays, but also this moment’s technology & trends. Yes, we guessed it right. So here we are presenting you free tutorials for web designers.


23 Best Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes

The beautiful design makes it the perfect inspiration for any photoblog or portfolio site. And with these Pinterest inspired WordPress themes you can easily create a stylish website to showcase your work whether you’re an artist, blogger, writer, graphic designer, or photographer. These themes are perfect for those, who want to put a true focus on thumbnail images and videos. In this collection, we will show you some of the best Premium Pinterest inspired themes available for WordPress. This collection of 23 Stunning Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes, will give your site a really professional look to compete with the biggest name sites on the web.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.19.15 AM

Web Designer vs. Web Developer – What what should I be?

Working online or in a young and dynamic IT company as a web designer or web developer has great many advantages and can be quite rewarding and satisfying, but if you have to choose your career path right now, you need to weigh carefully the pros and cons of each option. In addition, if you are about to start working for yourself, you need to evaluate your own capabilities and take a closer look at the earning potentials of each profession. Quite often, the line between web designers and web developers is blurred as most designers are likely to be able to code at least basic web sites and some developers might dabble in web design as well. A web designer is a person, who is capable of designing logos, banners, or other graphical elements, as well as whole web pages, while the web developer is the person, who is more involved on the technical side of the web building and adds functionality to the web sites.


22 Free Video Player PSD Designs | Freebies

PSD designs are famous for being the initial building blocks for almost all softwares. Video players are no exception; to find a great look video player for a website is not very easy and designing one from scratch can also be very challenging sometimes. This is where Video player PSD designs come in and save the day for all the designers out there.To achieve every designer’s ultimate goal we have handpicked some great looking video (media) player PSD designs that can be added according to the websites design whether it is flat or not, minimalistic or not. There is something for all websites here so go ahead find your website’s perfect match!!


Christmas Web design Resources 

Today we prepared a set of Christmas webdesign resources. Christmastime is the special time for everybody of us. And it is not surprising, there are not so many holidays when our family and our friends gather together to celebrate it. Usually we give each other gifts, greetings, surprises, good memories, and I think it will be useful, if today we will review the high-quality design resources for Christmas. Winter is coming, and I think that many of us need to make your preparations to please your loved ones. In this review you will see our hand-picked thematic collections of icons, wallpapers, wordpress themes, photoshop brushes, photoshop tutorials, fonts and so on.


28 Personal Portfolio Websites using Portraits and Background Photos

I always love to find personal sites that reference a photo of the person. It gives visitors a better look into who they are. Some creatives may be uncomfortable with this, while others simply adore the spotlight. Either way it is a wonderful design idea for Internet-based portfolios. If you also like this idea then take a look at these awesome websites. Each one features an individual who does some form of creative work be it design, music, writing, or otherwise. I hope these layouts can provoke other ideas in designers who may want to utilize this same feature. A fullscreen background or even a small photo can bring out more of your character on the page.



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