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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at questions to ask before hiring a designer, awesome vector icons, as well as several different WordPress themes, ideas for giving back to the design community and much more.

What’s New in WordPress 4.0?

WordPress has declared the release of the version 4.0 and in ongoing with the theme of honouring the Jazz greats, it’s been named “Benny”, after the “King of Swing” Benny Goodman. It’s obvious that this version is all about making content management and publication simpler, and workflows more flawless. Let’s see how the web’s most accepted content management and system just improved.


20 Best Free Photography WordPress Themes

We all know that the Photography craze has seen a boom in recent years. People are becoming more and more enthusiastic and joining the queue of the ones who have an eye. Obviously then, they would love to display their shots the best way. In short, each one who is entering the world of professional photographers is looking for attractive and innovative way to display their work to get feedback of the viewers.


How To Design A Billion-Dollar Company

In this Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel poses for photos, in Los Angeles. Spiegel dropped out of Stanford University in 2012, three classes shy of graduation, to move back to his father’s house and work on Snapchat.


Five questions to ask before hiring a designer

One of the fun things about being part of the d.school community is that I get to have a lot of conversations with folks about design. More often than not, I’m chatting with a start-up or mature organization that is looking to hire a designer. It’s not easy to hire designers, but I’ve found answering five basic questions sets you up to hire and retain an effective designer.


30+ Best Travel Hotel WordPress Themes For 2014

Travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. People are always up for some travel destination and for which they search for online information. If you are also in the travel business but you are using an outdated website, it can seriously hurt your business. In today’s post, we have put up and incredible effort to collected some of the outstanding travel hotel themes for WordPress. Some of these themes are the best selling ones, while others are the one that haven’t been yet discovered by the audience as the next big theme.


15+ Fresh iPhone 6 Mockup Design Templates

It is just a few days that Apple has revisited the market of craving customers with its two beautifully designed iPhones. One of the phones launched is the iPhone 6 with a larger than their normal 4 inch screen i.e. an 4.7 inches screen and the other being the iPhone 6 plus which has an even bigger screen size of 5.5 inches. With the launch of these phones which are almost the look alike of the iPad, the UI designers all over the place have gone into a super innovative mode to produce the most engaging and 15+ Fresh iPhone 6 Mockup Design Templates.


20 Best Joomla Portfolio Template

As we all know Joomla is a very powerful online application available; it is a multi functional source application. For easy  development of web sites and applications this award winning Content Management System helps the user a lot. CMS is available to the user for free and has a great  community support. Joomla template  is used to build power web sites of all shapes and sizes across the world.


850 Scalable Vector Line Icons

If icons are a designer’s best friend, then Budicon must be a designer’s BFF! This iconic collection of Vector line icons from Buddy Tanrim features 850 professional icons covering more than a dozen unique categories from food to weather to social media! Scale them to any size you need, or take advantage of the 5 preset sizes to get going right from the start. And if you jump on this deal now, you can get this mega collection for a mere $17!


Creative Reasons to Use a Slider on Your Website

On occasion I’ve heard people tell me that sliders are a waste of time on your site. They reference the fact that sliders take up too much real estate and they usually don’t lead to any conversions. You can also make the argument that they slow down your site. However, I often feel the opposite since sliders tend to grab my attention and they allow for beautiful images, which are one of the biggest reasons people click and purchase products or services online.


Star Wars GUI/MultiTouch UI Controls

I’m revisiting this project at the moment which has been really well received and has had lots of interest from UI people to interactive infographics designers and I thought I would share the actual demo rather than a Vine. Currently the UI controls are built, controlled and animated with CSS using Greensock GSAP (they happen to be in Adobe Edge Animate but because they are JavaScript ‘classes’ they can be used anywhere) and they’re making full use of the ThrowProps plugin and the Draggable utility. I was fairly sure I had already posted the actual JS demo but it turns out I hadn’t which means I’ve gone mad.


How the iPhone has evolved in pure CSS

With the recent announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple and tech fans are in a flurry to get their hands on the first batch. With all this excitement in the air, insurance company Protect Your Bubble decided to take this look back at the evolution of the iPhone from its very beginnings back in 2007. (Yes, you have to view an ad first to see it but we think it’s definitely worth the wait.)


10 Premium Bootstrap Themes with Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling involves the use of multiple layers so that the background image moves slower than the foreground layer. Sometimes, the background image remains still while the foreground layer scrolls. These techniques create the illusion of 2D depth we’re accustomed to seeing in old school video games. While some designers maintain this technique throughout the entire webpage, others use it during certain sections only. The following post is a curated list of themes & templates that all contain the parallax scrolling effect.


Top 20 Best WordPress Themes Built With Bootstrap Framework 2014

Bootstrap is a responsive grid based framework that helps amateur and professional designers develop website straightforwardly. It is a well-known front-end framework that works efficiently in building a responsive and mobile-ready website. Web designers know how valuable Bootstrap technology is in creating an eye-catching yet responsive websites based on HTML/HTML5, CSS and the extensions of JavaScript. Bootstrap definitely makes front end web development quicker and painless. Check out and select one of these free themes and start with your project.


2 Tools to Grow Your Graphic & Development Freelance Business

As a graphic freelancer you a getting pulling from all sides. It is important that you streamline parts of your business so you will have time to dedicate to talking to your clients and building them an exceptional design. Here are two tools that can be used to help free up your time and also add variety to your product offerings.


35+ Facebook Cover Photos Timeline Templates

You can spend few hours in creating a timeline cover. Or you can use free templates that are shared by designers. To help you out, we have collected a very nice collection of best Facebook cover photos timeline templates. You should check out these templates as majority of them are very creative. Enjoy browsing!


Creative Showcase of Latest Mobile App UI Designs

Gone are the days when mobile phones were something lot many people dreamt of owning one but for some or the other reason didn’t. Now a days, there are as many cellphones in the family as the number of people. Mobiles have become the important part of each one’s life. One of the things one doesn’t leave home without is mobile phone.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.04.24 AM

How To Give Back To The Design Community

We’ve all seen example after example of perfectly rendered designs that tickle our imaginations, and sometimes even make us a bit jealous. It seems as though some designers are divinely talented, able to create amazing work with almost no visible struggle at all. To some designers, this is an inspiration. To others, however (probably most of us), it can be a little frustrating.


Top 50 computer related WordPress themes

We’ve come up with the idea of selecting 50 WordPress templates from TemplateMonster that will be effective for computer-related businesses. These themes run on WordPress – the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the web so far. Flexible and easy-modifiable, they allow you to easily manage a content-rich website through WordPress dashboard. By the way, WordPress just got updated to 4.0 that brings a lot of new opportunities in.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.04.55 AM

30 Free & Premium Business Website Templates

In today’s time, there is no better place than internet to seek clients and customers, and if you own a business, and still haven’t got a website for your business, you are lacking behind my dear friend. It’s the right time to design, or get designed a website for your offline business right away to reach the billions of potential customers, that are accessing web every second! The point of argument, that how do you get the website developed. It is a pretty costly deal to hire a web designer, or developer hired to develop your custom website, and did you know, that if you had a little knowledge of web designing, and computing, you can develop your own website in less than a day!


11 awesome prototyping tools for the arts

How can you predict the emotional responses of an audience without studying real human beings doing real things with real objects? We talk in metaphors, we share ideas with examples and by the same token we should build in prototypes. Holding something, seeing something in the flesh, doing an action in real life – even if you have to engage your imagination to fill in the gaps – produces wonderfully unpredictable results. Here are 11 of the best ways to take an idea from the planning room to the wow! moment. Or the reject bin. But in either case, rapid prototyping is the only way to see what will sink and what will swim.


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