Web Development Mistakes That Beginners Make

September 8, 2015 • By

Mistakes are really common in web development. That is especially the case if you are just taking your very first steps in the industry. No matter what programming language is utilized for the coding job, mistakes will appear when looking at scripting language and complex coding. The ones that are more common are mentioned below and explained.

Self-Confidence Problems

According to professional web development Sydney companies, self-confidence is necessary for a really good developer. If you believe that you cannot perfectly do the job, it will be quite an uphill task. Coding is really complex when you start out and everything can be intimidating. However, as time passes and experience is gained, everything ends up revolving around logic. Never give up and think that you do not have the necessary coding abilities.

Not Creating Back-Ups

Never forget to create back-ups. This should be done as often as possible, with a back-up at the end of the day being a necessity. The good news is that there are many automatic tools that can be utilized. Just make sure that you use this as often as is necessary. If your computer will unexpectedly shut down or damage appears, the work that was done is still available. This aids you to avoid missing deadlines.

Improper Code Formatting

Code formatting problems are common when developers do their first jobs. This would result in an improper function declaration and a perceived lack of professionalism. Web development beginners have to avoid using blank spaces and useless new lines. Formatting is a priority that should always be understood.

Not Considering Web Standards

Web standards stand out as vital because of the fact that they help in unifying code across different platforms and applications. It is also a necessity with device independent app development. Web development beginners need to realize that web standards are going to help them to create codes that are error-free. This actually makes the job a whole lot easier.

Lack Of Bandwidth Usage Optimization

Website optimization is a necessity and clients never want to see their sites load at a slower speed because of slow internet connections or high resolution image presence. Web development beginners have to be sure that bandwidth is adjusted in a way that would optimize website speed. It is so common to see beginners that simply use image sizes and resolutions that are improper while not incorporating compression.

Only Testing In One Browser

We tend to think that the web browser we use is the one that is the best. This is a huge mistake. One of the really common mistakes that appear in web development when the work is done by beginners is to use just some browsers during testing. What you have to do as a professional is to basically test in all the web browsers that are used by web users at the moment.

On the whole, beginner web developers have to understand that they need to be confident, learn continuously and always respect standards. Testing and being prepared for the unexpected are necessities with modern web development.

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