Surprisingly friendly colors in web design

October 3, 2013 • By

When it comes to web design, one of the most important colors is the page’s background color. White is one of the most popular background colors, but sometimes it can feel rather sterile. A number of other colors can be incorporated into the web design to serve as a solid background. In fact, some of these are surprisingly friendly while also being neutral enough to serve as a good backdrop.


Web Designer Depot listed beige as being one of the best underrated colors for web design. It rarely overpowers any other color, and it works just as well with black as white does. In fact, using a beige and black palette can work quite well together, establishing a muted but striking combination. The one thing to remember is that beige does not generally work well with jewel tones, neons, and true colors. It works beautifully with pastels as well as autumn based shades with only a few exceptions. It does not work well as the main color though. It tends to blend into the background.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow also works well as a background. According to “The Basics of Color Theory,” yellow is one of the warmest and friendliest colors on the palette. A pale yellow works great as a background, particularly when you are trying to create a warm and intimate feeling on your site. You must make sure that it’s a pale color rather than sunshine yellow. Otherwise, you’ll wind up overpowering the page. It works very well with pastels, but it can also work with jewel tones and true colors. The one thing that you must remember is to not pair it with true yellow. It will create a jarring effect on the screen. If using it with pastels, do make sure that you incorporate a strong main color such as royal blue or deep purple. Using straight black will make the palette too harsh, although deep gray can work. This particular background works well for most industries whether you’re using iPhone website templates or something entirely separate.

Soft Blue

A soft blue is one of the more soothing colors you can choose for a web palette. It calms the eye, and it works well as a background. But the one thing that you must remember when using a soft blue is the fact that most other colors will tend to blend into it. You must use colors in the same warmth scale, or else the color palette will feel off balance, losing that soothing sensation.

When you are working on your web design, you may assume that white is the best background color. After all, it’s one of the most basic, but if you’re tired of the starkness of white, you might choose one of these surprisingly friendly colors. Beige is one of the most flexible ones while pale yellow provides cheer and warmth to a site, and soft blue creates a soothing effect. You must bear in mind the requirements of these individual colors and the ways that you can make them work better within your color palette.

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