Responsive vs. Mobile website templates

November 24, 2013 • By

Many web designers are looking for the best ways to adapt to the changing demands of the online marketplace. Since there are an increasing number of mobile users who want to browse the internet with their phones, web designers will need to adapt to this change. This is becoming increasingly important, because many people will be using their smartphones in lieu of traditional desktops to access the internet.

Making A Choice Between Templates:

This change has got many web designers wondering which kind of template they could use to craft their own websites. Some of them will be interested in hearing about the differences between responsive and mobile website templates. This can help them decide what type of templates will best suit the needs of the particular site they are designing. All of these different kinds can be found through 1and1 web templates, which is a popular provider of affordable designs. They will be able to link visitors up with a wide range of different options for customizing their site.

Advantages Of The Responsive Design:

Many designers will want to check out the responsive template design first, since it has a few distinct advantages. It can best be used for websites that will be accessed by a wide base of visitors. This is because responsive website templates are often much more flexible, being able to be coded in a number of different ways. Designers can choose to have the screen size vary with the type of device that the visitor is using. This means that pictures and borders will be altered to suit the needs of whoever may be accessing the site. Some people may want to check out some of the different tools that can be integrated in to this design. There are some templates that will be able to crop out ancillary text, which can make the viewing experience easier for mobile device users.

Advantages Of The Mobile Design:

There are a number of different mobile website templates that will also be available to designers out there. It can help them to consider a few of the advantages that this type of template brings to website design. If they opt for responsive design, this means that the website can be altered to make it accessible for mobile users. But only mobile website templates have been truly optimized to suit the needs of people who may be using their smartphones. This may mean that the designer will need to adjust to a few different code differences. They will also need to have an eye for how websites can be designed strictly with mobile browsers in mind.

Which Is Right For Different Web Designers?

So some designers may be wondering which of these templates is right for their needs. The answer may largely depend on the user base that frequently accesses their websites. If the anticipate a mixed audience, then they should try out the responsive website templates. This can provide a flexible design that will have some appeal to many users out there. If they want to cater exclusively towards smartphone users, then they should check out the mobile design templates. They may want to test out some of these different designs to see which ones garner the most appeal from their user base.

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