How Pre-built Websites can Boost Your Productivity

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Website-building with pre-built websites has several advantages over traditional methods. Wireframing, outsourcing, and online website-building tools have their advantages and disadvantages, but none can match what pre-built websites offer.

  • Wireframing is a good design aid, but it can be a time-consuming technique.
  • Wireframing is just the first step required for building a website; development and coding or outsourcing might be necessary.
  • With a pre-built website, coding are wireframing are not necessary, nor is outsourcing.
  • Finding the right online website builder sometimes involves trial and error, as does selecting a cost-effective subscription plan.
  • Pre-built websites routinely give excellent performance, and they are more cost effective than online tools.
  • Outsourcing, when done right, can yield high quality work, but outsourcing is often the most expensive approach, and any design changes can significantly add to the expense.
  • Pre-built websites deliver excellent quality at a fraction of the cost, and any added cost to make a change is generally insignificant.

Examples Pre-built Website Examples:













Installing and Editing a Be Theme Pre-built Website with Muffin Builder 3

Building a website from scratch with Be Theme is easy. Building one when starting with a pre-built website is easier, and it is faster as well. Since Be’s pre-built websites are fully customizable, you could pick any of 5 shown here and create almost any website. There are however 160+ pre-built websites to choose from. Any topic you are likely to base your website on is covered, and a majority of these pre-built websites feature multiple pages.

Whichever one you choose, you can install it with a single click, after which you can put Muffin Builder 3, Be’s premium page-building tool, to work. You’ll find you can create page after page easily, and in no time at all.

Watch the video, and you’ll see how fast and easy the process is. Websites that once took days to build can be up and running in hours, and you can complete a page in minutes instead of hours. The page-building process shown on the video moves along at a rapid pace, but you will quickly discover you will be able to do the same.

The video also shows how this approach leaves wireframing in the dust as far as the speed in which you can build a page – or a website. Website complexity will rarely if ever become an issue, and unlike the outsourcing approach you have control over your project every step of the way.

The only thing you need to bring to the table is an idea of what you are looking for. Pre-built websites also serve as conceptual designs, and once you’ve installed one it becomes a matter of giving BeTheme one-click-at-a-time directions and letting the software do the work.


A Quick Overview of What to Expect from Be Theme

Bigger is better if 24,000+ sales, 155+ pre-built websites, and 40 core features mean anything. BeTheme is the biggest WordPress theme ever. Its sales figures and the number of pre-built websites continue to grow, and constant updates continue to improve its features.


  • It takes but 1 click to install any one Be’s 155+ built in websites; 119 of them feature multiple pages, and 8 new ones make an appearance every month.
  • These customizable websites can easily be edited, especially so when using Muffin Builder 3, and no coding is required. This page builder’s newly streamlined interface, its search tool/tabs feature, and its Wraps Section makes creating advanced content and attention-grabbing layouts a snap.
  • While you can build a page with lightning speed – as shown in the video – the Shortcode Generator and the 200+ Shortcodes will enable you to speed up the building process even more.
  • Muffin Builder 3 features everything needed in a page builder, but if you are a die-hard Visual Composer user, you can use that popular page builder as well; or you can use both.
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  • There’s no limit to the number of different page styles and formats you can create thanks to Be’s 20 Customizable Header Styles and 6 Column support.
  • If you decide to start from scratch with a blank page, simply select a Base Grid and choose one of the 5 layouts, and you are off and running.
  • You’ll find the Muffin Options Panel to be a valuable help. Be features a built-in Mega Menu, and you can use different menus on different pages if you wish. Be is Responsive and WPML, RTL, SEO, and Retina Ready, the Support Team stands ready to help, and it is updated regularly and automatically.

What Customers have to Say is Important

We could continue describing the many features, but what really counts is what Be’s users have to say. Be’s flexibility and customizability constantly draw positive comments, and the using community gives BeTheme high marks as well for the number and quality of features offered. The following is but a small sampling of the comments we receive, but as you can see, Be’s using community is an enthusiastic and a highly satisfied lot. We aim to keep it that way.

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Be’s Top-Quality Support

One of the reasons behind Be Theme’s success is its world-class customer service. You can always expect your questions or issues to be addressed promptly, professionally, and effectively. You’ll rarely receive a Yes or No response, unless of course that is all you want to know.

You’ll receive a response that goes into whatever detail is necessary or appropriate – as you can see here:

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What you’ve read here and the seen on the video should give you a good picture of the advantages pre-built websites have over wireframing, online website builders, and outsourcing. This is especially true when these pre-built websites are supported by the page building capabilities of BeTheme and Muffin Builder 3, plus the many features you can draw on. Visit their website, browse through the 155+ pre-built websites, and view a couple of the demos. That should be enough to convince you to become one of Be’s happy users.


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