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September 22, 2013 • By

Create exceptional HTML websites from scratch, without writing code. Come again? No code? Like in “no technical knowledge needed”? Yes, it’s for real.

Brand new online software, Webydo, aimed at professional designers who want to skip the ‘writing code’ bit and go straight into adding pieces to the creative puzzle. At the beginning, it sounds too good to be true, and then you want to see for yourself. This whole process might sound even more exciting for a website creator with a fully-booked diary, because a ‘code-free’ project means extra time and focus on the design and the creative aspect, and less on the development side of the business.

What does it do, exactly?

You can start designing from scratch, and you create, edit and manage websites without writing one single line of code. Or you can choose one of their design inspirations that are 100% editable and not limiting like other templates. Webydo offers professional graphic design features familiar to any designer, from softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. The difference is that you design in browser and you get to see your design in action, in no time. It also gives you full artistic control and it automatically converts your graphic design into an updated HTML code and a CMS for your client. In other words, no need to hire a developer either. Your integrated CMS editor is truly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Any changes made on the CMS canvas reflect exactly how the content will look to your site users.

What else does it offer?

Webydo makes it easy when it comes to sharing the site with your client. Once you click the liberating “Publish”, your site will go live, and you’ll enjoy an advanced cloud hosting, monitored 24/7. You only need to provide the client with a link to Webydo’s friendly CMS. In the CMS, the client can make content changes independently. You can even lock specific design elements, preventing any unwanted changes and, thus, preserving your artistic control. AND, you can design, manage and host as many websites as you like, all free of charge.

There are many other advanced cool features, like the ability to bill your client from your dashboard, grid generator, smart guides and snapping, layers window, text caption for images and galleries, the ability to design sophisticated forms, set corner radiuses and other elements’ properties such as fill, shadow and stroke.

One of the best parts about Webydo is that they really listen to you and want to hear what you have to say. That’s why they created a Participate forum where you can be in direct contact with the Product Team and tell them what features you want on Webydo. Then the community of designers at Webydo vote on which features they want. With more votes comes a higher priority to the Webydo team. All of the features that are in Webydo are there become someone requested it to be there.

Webydo’s most recent feature, Articles, (which was one of the most highly anticipated request on the Participate forum with over 130 votes) can be used for repetition based elements like blog posts, product collections, news feeds and more. Every post that is created with follow the same design format as the previous posts.

Long story short…

Code-free design and full cloud solution look and sound pretty revolutionary, even for someone who is an experienced professional website creator. But then there’s platforms like Webydo that offer an online design studio and an integrated CMS; they truly understand the needs of professional designers. It actually empowers you with creative freedom in a rather easy manner. In the end, it’s all about independence to create, while still having a loving relationship with your pixels.

Now for the fun part!

Creating a website using Webydo is already 100% free; which is awesome. You’ll have access to their professional Design Studio and all of their designer centered features. When it’s time to upgrade to Premium, this voucher will give you over $60 towards your purchase: DesignReviverVIP9876

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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