Infographic – To app, or not to app

August 8, 2013 • By

One of the most popular terms in web design has become responsive design. The debate on whether to design our websites solely for desktop computer, or for mobile devices as well rages on. Today almost 91% of US citizens own a smart phone, so in reality the question is can web designers continue to ignore mobile devices.

The guys at Webdesigner Depot have created this great infographic to help us decide “do we build responsively, putting all our eggs in one basket; do we build a mobile site, splitting our traffic; or do we build a mobile app, forcing our users to download our content.”

Web designers have long had to decide whether or not to create mobile friendly versions of their website, personally I think in the future it will not be a should I create a mobile version, but should it look the same as the desktop version.

Infographic: To app, or not to app

To app, or not to app – infographic created by WebdesignerDepot

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