A Dollarbird in hand is worth your monthly budget

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Like most of you, I used to think managing my finances was a dull experience. But Dollarbird is definitely a game changer.

Designed & developed by the Romanian company Halcyon Mobile, Dollarbird helps me keep track of where my money goes and comes from; as long as I manually update it, which is pretty easy to do. Spreadsheets are replaced with a colorful, easy to handle calendar, the good old tool so well-known and used by all of us.

User Experience

I started by swiping my way into the app, then intuitively added my expenses and incomes on the respective day of the month. I assigned my transactions to the respective categories : groceries, eating out, transport, fun and entered their prices. There’s a customizing option as well, so I was able to change the color of my categories, could create new ones, name them suggestively, and delete the ones that I won’t be using. Then I found out that by long tapping I was able to select a couple of days in the calendar and see my actual and future transactions for that period.

Dragging up a screen from the bottom I discovered a different, very cool chart displaying my spending habits. If I tap on the colorful stripes it shows me the transactions I had planned for the rest of the month. Playing further with it I also found that I  can swipe left to see my plans for next month, and right to see my expenses for the previous month.  It’s so much fun to use it!

Entering future expenses was really easy, too. I swiped the calendar left to change the month, selected the day I had to buy a gift for my brother and voila! I can do the same without swiping the calendar, since the date of a transaction can also be changed from the adding screen.

Working on my budget is less pleasant than doing the dishes, but I found it stress relieving having to do so with the colorful icons. I can make notes to my transactions if I want to, but most of the actions are quick and brisk, swiping and dragging, and as long as I get my numbers right, I feel organized and confident about my money.

The visually pleasant design comes with functionality as well.


The calendar-based budget devising is the selling point of Dollarbird (by the way, it costs $1.99). I chose to set up a reminder for some of my monthly expenses –rent for example – which means I can relegate some responsibilities to Dollarbird and mind more important business. The repeat function is just as handy: set it up to a recurring weekly or monthly expense/income and it will be added automatically.

Want to know what your budget looks like? Take a look at the balance sheet, yet another useful feature. There, there, I know we all spend a lot, but as I’m looking at it, I am actually able to come up with solutions of how to save money.

I am the kind of person who forgets to update a diary, but worry not, Dollarbird can remind me of that; I go to Settings, set a 7pm reminder and I get a friendly push-notification like, hey, take 30 seconds to enter today’s expenses. And it’s true, it only takes 30 seconds.


Version 1.1

Dollarbird has been on the market for about a month but a recent update includes important features, like securing the data with a PIN number or exporting it into a CSV file.

Dollarbird is compatible with all iPhones from 3GS to 5, iPod touch, 3rd to 5th generation, and requires iOS6.

Ratings and Feedback

Ratings: 4+

  • Reviews:
  • “Beautiful and useful! – The layout is gorgeous – which can be hard to find with a lot of the personal finance apps. It’s super functional and does just what I need. I was hesitant to spend the $2 (because I’m a cheap skate when it comes to apps) but it’s very much worth it!” – mynameisjohn19, USA
  • “I’ve deleted all of my other finance apps after using Dollarbird. The others were too cumbersome, yet they didn’t offer forecasting of balance and other great features this one has.” – Echoesbleeding, USA

  • “Amazing – This app is simple and complete! I never write reviews but this app deserves it” – Payeezy, Canada

Pros & Cons


The balance sheet

The calendar approach

It uses no currency so it can be used by anyone, in any country.


It only works on iPhone for the time being, but rumor has it there’s an Android version in the works.

For a more dynamic view, check out the promo video.

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