Designing gaming websites – a primer

May 2, 2013 • By

Designing a website for online games is more complicated than the information-based ones. There are thousands of gaming-oriented sites on the web already, and the last thing you want is to have your site go by without being noticed. That being said, we have compiled some basic tips that can help your online gaming website stand out in this competition, and make your visitors want to come back. Here they are:

Use graphics that are relevant to the content

You need to use a detailed graphic art that closely matches the kind of games offered on the site. There are a lot of popular sites that employ this technique. When you go through this site, you will be immediately welcomed by a graphic that is based on their main offering which is poker. It is a briefcase that is filled with chips, a trophy, and a book about poker. By seeing this graphic, you will automatically know that the site is poker-oriented, and that its features include tournaments and basic tutorials. You can also notice that the other graphic elements of the site are consistent, and are related to poker. Another good example is the official website of Super Mario Bros for Wii.

Develop an effective navigation system

Navigation is one of the most important components of web design. In order to be effective, make the navigation system on your site as clear and easy as possible. According to an article posted on EntheosWeb, “The primary aim for effective navigation is get your visitors to stay on your site and also for visitors to easily find what they are looking for easily and quickly. Designing effective navigation can also entice your visitors to try out the other things you offer on your site.” You can achieve this by using accurate navigation titles, making all navigation elements clickable links, and ensuring your search feature works.

Limit the advertisements

Always remember that people come to your website for the content, not the ads. If these ads overwhelm the page content, chances are your readers won’t stick around long enough to try any of your offering and will boost your bouncing rate. Also, it will hurt the credibility of your site in the long run. Set a limit to the advertisements that you will be placing, and accept only those that are relevant and look good enough. If the ad content is irrelevant, people are more likely to ignore it.

Design your site for all screen sizes

Once the design is completed, the next thing to do is to test the website. You need to check whether the website looks good on all mobile devices or not. If you identify some differences, make the necessary changes. Your goal here is to make the site visible to everyone, regardless of what kind of screen they use.

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