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November 16, 2016 • By

Locating the right stock photo is rarely the problem. The primary reason people have so much trouble with selecting online photos is because of legality and pricing.

Going on Google Images is almost never a good idea, while images with a Creative Commons license can be more confusing than a simple blogger or business person would like.

On the other hand, you could go with a royalty free photo database site, where the options are endless, but the pricing plans vary drastically.

For example, sometimes you end up paying per image, which ends up being a poor value for what you’re getting. On the other hand, many companies don’t need a plan with unlimited access, since they’re only going to grab a few dozen photos every month.

That’s where the new Flexible pricing from Depositphotos.com comes into play.

The site is a standard royalty free image library, with items like photos, illustrations, vector art, HD videos and more. They have monthly subscriptions and on-demand pricing, but just recently, a more flexible plan makes it more affordable for the moderate user.


What’s the Pricing Like for the Flexible Plan?

You have two options when opting for the Flexible Plan:

  • Pay Monthly – $29 per month
  • Pay Yearly – $299 per year (saves you $49 throughout the year)


What Do You Get With the Flexible Plan?

The Flexible Plan gives you 30 high resolution photos for the month. This includes all photo sizes, and you don’t have any download limits or expiration dates.

My favorite part is that any unused photo credits transfer over to the following month, saving you money in the long run.

Although they alert you when you’re about to go over 30 downloads, you may end up realizing that you require a few more for that month. In that case, they don’t hit you with insanely high individual photo pricing.

All additional downloads for that month only cost you $1.

Compare This to Other Depositphotos.com Plans


The $29 per month price point is pretty remarkable, considering it gives average users a more freeing option.

For example, the Monthly Subscription plan starts at $69 per month for 75 images. It’s not a bad price if you know you’re going to take advantage of all 75 of those images. However, a company that uses fewer photos gets screwed with the $69 pricing.

Therefore, the Flexible Plan cuts that monthly pricing in half for the individuals and businesses who would never end up needing to spend $69 per month.

The same goes for the On Demand package. This plan is generally for those who don’t want to get stuck in a monthly payment plan. So, you might need 10 or 25 images for the entire year, but the idea of spending $69 per month for that seems outrageous. Therefore, less frequent users are all about the On Demand solution.

Once again, some folks need more photos per year, and the idea of spending $99 for just 25 images isn’t going to cut it. It seems like Depositphotos.com did a solid job of listening to customers who felt they were forgotten. Therefore, I’d give them a big thumbs up for responding, or at least understanding what some of the customers are looking for.

Our Take on Depositphotos.com

So many photo libraries exist online, so they have all become similar to one another. That said, these paid sites are still far more user-friendly than free competitors, where the search functions deliver questionable results.

As for Depositphotos.com, all of the photos are royalty free, and you get to search through more than 50 million of them. That’s a huge number. When I made a quick search for simple keywords like “tree,” “lawnmower” and “office party,” hundreds of images and videos came up for each of them.

They also have a handy filter for viewing the most relevant searches or for looking at undiscovered or new photos.


Therefore, the results are relevant. In addition, the system retrieves them quickly. It took maybe one second for an incredible list of relevant photos to popup on the screen.

Moving around the site proves to be simple and quick. For example, when I downloaded a photo it didn’t take much time at all to land on my computer for use. I also like the Favorites folder, just in case I would like to save some of these photos for later.

Each photo has a preview lightbox for a quick glance at what you’re getting into. Furthermore, the majority of photos provide multiple resolutions and image sizes. For example, you may only need a smaller image to place in an email newsletter. With most of the plans, the pricing doesn’t change depending on the size of image you go with. It’s a nice system for everyone involved.


Finally, Depositphotos.com has 24/7 phone and email support, which is something you won’t ever get with a less established brand. I’ve honestly never needed phone support when searching for photos, but I’m certain companies that are constantly downloading dozens of stock photos will find this handy.

Who Should Consider a Flexible Plan from Depositphotos.com?

Overall, the Flexible Plan is for the individuals and companies feeling left out from the Monthly and On Demand setups. This way, you get a good price and a decent number of photos per month. Not to mention, the simplicity of the Depositphotos.com site beats out many other competitors on the market.

Looking at this now, I would argue that most web designers would feel comfortable going with the Flexible Plan. This way, you get a standard license for each of the images, and you’re not forced to pay a high price for the number of images you’re downloading. In addition, you can start using the images for your clients without worrying about legal ramifications.

Some of the other plans are more suitable for larger agencies and corporations, while I tend to think that the On Demand plan works nicely for a simple blogger who needs a few dozen images for the entire year.

If you have any questions about the new Depositphotos.com pricing plan, let us know in the comments section below.

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