Best Cinemagraphs on the Internet

December 30, 2014 • By

Cinemagraphs have become the latest trend to dominate design, blogs and social media platforms. Combining a still image on a continuous motion and a small video loop in a GIF file, the cinemagraphs are an online sensation.

Let’s look at 5 fantastic examples:

Pouring Wine

One of the more common cinemagraphs, the pouring visual is high effective. There is no imprint left on the glass or change in level from the bottle, the only movement comes from the constant flow of wine.


Incoming Subway Train

New York is famed from is underground Subway network, with the Rockerfeller Center stop being one of the most popular. Without anybody being captured in the entire scene, the train pulls into the station and departs instantly.


Fight Club

Rather than picking one of the more gruesome clips from the film to visualise, the Fight Club cinemagraphic is represented in a more humorous way. The narrator (Edward Norton) has his head forced into the chest of Big Bob, as his hair is being caressed.


Frying Bacon

There is nothing finer in life than the smell coming off bacon being cooked in a frying pan. This cinemagraph captures the peferct pictures, the sizzling oil and fat slowly crisping the top of the rasher.


Revealing of the playing cards

To celebrate the success of the latest viral sensation, Ladbrokes Casino have had a go at creating their own gaming themed cinemagraphs. Here we see the plucky gambler pulling his cards away from the table, revealing to the bellow camera what he has been dealt.


Feature image curtsey of Jan Vu Nam

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