6 Amazing Infographics for designers and developers

November 25, 2013 • By

Today we have an amazing collection of infographics for designers and web developers. Web designers know that a beautiful design can mean everything for a project, and personally I think these info graphics are done in such a way that they are little works of art each of them. Furthermore the information depicted in each infographic is more valuable than reading a long and boring article. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

#1. The Evolution Of Graphic Design

This infographic examines the evolution of graphic design, many believe that Graphic design is a new phenomenon however the truth is that as far back as the beginning of mankind we have been creating graphic design in some way or another, of course the way we go about creating our designs today is much different from the caveman, but then the way we do things today are also much different than they were just 50 years ago.


#2. Graphic Designer’s Roadmap

The second infographic looks at how graphic designers can become better at what they do, through interviews with 30 cutting edge designers the creators of the infographic were able to gather valuable information on the steps designers can undertake in order to improve their skills.


#3. How do colors affect purchases?

The third infographic is not necessarily about web designers however it does offer some great insight into the importance of colors  and how to influence the way consumers purchase. In other words you need to understand the psychology of color choices if you want your web design to be more effective.


#4. All You Need To Know About Web Designers

This infographic tackles the topic of web designers, in other words what kind of people are web designers and what makes them get up in the morning. If you ever wanted to learn something about web designers then this infographic gives you a whole autobiography in a single glance.


#5. Graphic Design as told by the numbers

Similar to the previous infographic this one also deals specifically with web designers and the kind of people they are. One interesting fact is that more than 60,000 designers try to enter the market each year however after less than 5 years only 30% of these are still working in the field.


#6. A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

The sixth infographic examines the life of a graphic designer. With witty comments and remarks the infographic examines things such as emails, feedback, designing, and more feedback are part of the daily life of a designer.



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