5 ways to re-Invent your online marketing before Christmas

December 17, 2013 • By

Marketing is the core driver for businesses to achieve their goals. All businesses aim at increasing profits and eventually expanding their operations. 

A proper marketing strategy from design to execution is vital to any company’s success, particularly when festive seasons like Christmas occur. Festive seasons are characterized by boosts of increased sales. However, due to high competition in the globalized world, conventional marketing strategies are complimented with technologically advanced online marketing.

Online marketing involves the use of the social media like Facebook, and other internet-based platforms to reach the target market. In this competitive era, you have to re-invent online marketing strategies to increase your sales. Here is how you can re-invent your online marketing before Christmas.

  1. Maximize your relationship with your customers

    Online marketing employs internet based tools to present services or goods to their potential customers. The means used include blogs, business websites, social media like YouTube, Facebook etc. These tools offer prompt access to information that you may act on to sustain a good relationship with your clients. Be prompt in responding to any enquiries, suggestions, feedbacks through the social media, as this will create a good rapport with your potential clients.

  2. Use marketing automation

    Marketing is increasingly challenging; you have to work hard to meet your set targets. This has led to development of software to reduce the strain that was initially experienced by the marketing department in organizations. This software improves the efficiency of carrying out processes that would otherwise be handled manually. It connects all important marketing features found online like e-mail marketing and links, which eventually increases organization’s revenue due to possible increase in sales. The software is volatile and can be used by any size of a business to create potential and present customers’ database and develop automated campaigns to increase sales. This will help you create customer specific profile that tracks transaction history and tracks potential clients. Your business will reach a wide audience within a very limited time, thus making it more ideal for use before Christmas.

    Marketing automation software creates transparency and increased communication between the marketing and sales department in your business entity. This is by funneling all indicators on the quantity and quality of leads to the sales representatives. This harmonization is important because it enables you to make informed decisions targeting your clients and therefore improving sales.

  3. Employ inbound marketing

    Ideally, all businesses using the internet as a marketing tool would want to be seen in their right image. For this to be achieved, you must incorporate techniques that combines quality content, the social media and search engine optimization methods to attract prospective customers. This is inbound marketing.

    In this technique, potential customers find your brands, products and services by reading relevant quality information provided. They respond to this information through social sites which results to a public talk. Through the talk, a network is formed where there is sharing of tips, ideas and uses of products or services. This network expands resulting in many people talking about your business. Indeed inbound marketing is a cheap way of converting strangers into promoters and customers of your business this Christmas season.

  4. Update your website

    Most internet users whom online marketing targets would like to read relevant info that is up-to-date and at par with the season. Let the content and design of your landing page reflect some of the items that are mostly bought during Christmas season, for instance gift items. You may include hover adverts in the website which pop-up to advertise a service or another product your business offers.

  5. Submit product feeds

    In order to reach a wide target group, make product feeds. This is a file that offers brief explanation on your products, their prices and where they can be found. The feeds are supplied to product comparison websites. This enables visitors to these websites learn about your products, which can lead to increased sales this Christmas season

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