5 Reasons Why a Website Owner Should Consider Using WooCommerce

May 25, 2016 • By

WooCommerce gives WordPress owners the opportunity to add an online store to their WordPress website. It has become one of the most popular e-commerce solutions available and is used by thousands of websites to sell huge numbers of physical and digital products every day. Below are five of the main reasons why you should consider using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is Easy to Use

If you and your website designer are familiar with WordPress, you should have very few problems installing and maintaining a website that uses WooCommerce. Setting up WooCommerce is a relatively easy procedure. In many instances, it is integrated into premium WordPress themes, which you install when you are creating a blog.

This means you only have to do a small amount of store configuration and you can quickly start adding products to your online store. Once these tasks are completed, you’re in a position to start selling your products on the internet.

It Can Be Easily Customized

Out of the box, WooCommerce is an effective selling system with an array of useful selling features. However, many website owners want more from their e-commerce solution and will request changes to be made to the default system that is installed on their website. WooCommerce can be customized to suit all types of requirements. The functionality and appearance of a store can be adapted to suit the needs of every type of online business.

WooCommerce is Affordable

In the past, setting up an online store was expensive and complicated. You also had to depend on expensive website designers, who often charged high fees for their technical services. These issues prevented a lot of businesses from selling online.

WooCommerce is one of the online shopping solutions that has changed all of this. It is free to use and most of the WordPress themes that use WooCommerce are either free or extremely cheap to purchase.

It Is Scalable

As a company grows, you want your e-commerce store to grow too. WooCommerce is a stable e-commerce system which lets you add more products as a business expands. Busier web sites usually require a more advanced hosting solution and WooCommerce is designed to handle more visitors and more products.

WooCommerce is One Component in a Powerful Sales System

WooCommerce is only one of the many features available on a WordPress website. You can also blog about your business and products, add social media components, build subscriber lists and much more, without having to use any other website platforms. This means all of these components can be used alongside your e-commerce store to develop an extremely efficient, integrated sales system, which is difficult to achieve using other website platforms.

Many of the hurdles that once existed for online sellers no longer exist and it has never been as easy to set up your own e-commerce store. WordPress and WooCommerce have played a major role in this change and look set to make it even easier for future online business owners to set up shop easily on the internet.

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