5 New Years Resolutions for Web Designers

January 8, 2014 • By

2014 just started and now is the time for New Years Resolutions. I am sure many of you have created ones for general life, like stop smoking, lose the extra weight, however have you created one for your web design? If you haven’t then here are some suggestions you might want to add to that list.

Try a different color scheme

One of the biggest dangers web designers face is the risk of repetition. Many of us become so accustomed to using one color scheme and therefore use it in all our projects. Be careful though because with repetition comes boring designs, after a while all our designs end up looking similar and quickly become dull. In 2014 try use a different color scheme, I am not talking about using screaming red or yellow colors, but try add something that is outside your comfort zone.

Consider which clients are worth it

We all have that one client who is just not worth it, lets be honest some clients are more trouble than joy. In 2014 try to look through you client list and determine which clients are doing more harm than good to your health. I am not suggesting you cut them out totally however you might consider working less with these clients if they are causing more problems than solutions.

Learn something new

As web designers we are always trying to be the best we can be. Why not use 2014 to improve your skills? Learn something new, explore a field which is unknown to you. Chances are you will learn something new, something you can then apply to your later designs.

Networking is very important

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn….see a connection? Networking has never been more important than now. You need to network with other designers, not only can you share knowledge but often designers will introduce other designers to potential new clients.

Learn better time management

Time Management, this word is perhaps the most important word in any persons life, it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or work at McDonalds. Time management is as important as ever, I am sure you have heard the term time is money, well trust me today time is worth a lot of money. You need to decide what you should be spending your time on and what tasks are simply wasting your time.

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