Five Amazing Kitchen Designs From Around the World

October 1, 2014 • By

After having visited more than 30 different countries I can tell you there is one thing almost every house in the world has in common. They all have some form of a kitchen, and in almost every house the kitchen is a gathering point. For generations architects and designers have worked towards combining style and functionality.

In this article we have found some of the best kitchen designs from around the world, feel free to add any we might have forgotten in the comments below.


Photo by: Anders Hviid

This amazing kitchen can be found in Copenhagen, Denmark. As you can see the whole kitchen has been kept in a very stylish black, furthermore it offers a lot of counter space for preparing those delicious dishes.


Photo by: Compact Concepts

If you live in a small apartment, then you know there is nothing worse than trying to cram everything into a tiny space. Thanks to Compact Concepts, located in New Zealand, this is now a problem of the past. The company has managed to combine everything you need in a kitchen into 1.8 square meters.


Photo by: Toncelli 

Chances are you are already using your smartphone or tablet in the kitchen, so why not just integrate everything directly into the kitchen counter? That is exactly what the Italian design company Toncelli decided to do with their invisible kitchen. Personally, I would really love to have something like this in my kitchen, imagine cooking dinner while watching the latest news right on your kitchen counter.


Photo by: Upland Development

Sometimes you just don’t have space for stools in your kitchen, or perhaps they don’t really go with the design you had in mind. This is where Upland Developments from Utah, enter the picture. The company created stools that simply swing out when you need them and can be folded back under the counter when they are no longer needed.


Photo by: NU Architectuuratelier

Who said kitchen designs have to be boring and simply, NU Architectuuratelier created this amazing counter top for a house in Belgium. The cement counter is perfect for the rustic feel and still fits the modern design in the rest of the house.

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