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Imagine this, you are out somewhere without your beloved computer, which also means you are without your beloved Photoshop. Now you need to edit a picture but don’t have access to any installed editors, do you simply scrap the idea of editing the picture? NO, you simply open your web browser and use one of these online editors.


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If you feel intimidated by the level of customization offered by Pixlr, then you might want to consider Fotor. As you can see in the image above, the editor comes with a very easy to use interface. The photo editor even comes with the ability to create HDR images, which is completed by combining three images of the same subject with three different levels of exposure.  Furthermore, in my opinion, of the best aspects of Fotor is the high level of integration with social media sites such as Facebook, Flickr or Picasa.


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What I like about this editor is the fact that every simple setting opens up additional controls that let you customize and edit the image even further. Should you mess something up, you can simply use the toolbar at the top to undo or redo a previous selection. While most features are free to use, the company does offer some essential functions that come at an additional cost. If you really want to use PicMonkey to the fullest potential, then I would recommend signing up for their paid version.


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This editor comes with a plethora of different elements that allow you to customize the images in any way possible. One thing about BeFunky however is the fact that in order to get a final result you can be really happy with, you will most likely need to spend some extended time with the editor. One great feature is the built-in collage maker, which easily allows you you combine a number of photos to create a collage, this can either be in a preset pattern or you can customize it to your personal liking. Furthermore the web app comes with a Facebook cover function, which automatically crops your image so it can be used as your Facebook cover photo.


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Pixlr is definitely one of my favorite web apps, not only in terms of photo editing, but in general. What’s great about Pixlr is the fact that their editor offers so many different ways in which you can manipulate an image. Options include among other things, controls for adjustments, filters, transformations, and distortions. In essence it is like having a lite version of Photoshop directly in your browser.



If you are looking for an easy to use editor with many much needed tools, then iPiccy is the right choice for you. You can easily apply different effects to your photos, add text or other brushes in an instance. What is good about this editor is the fact that it is very easy to use.

If you feel we have forgotten any feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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