3 of the best designed university websites

November 19, 2013 • By

Universities and Colleges have without a doubt some of the most undesirable looking websites on the whole internet. They are jam packed with course information, contact forms and pictures, but unless the school has a large creative program, the site is not eye catching or appealing.

One common thread we found when browsing school sites is that they all have a scholarship section of the site where potential and current students can go to find out if they qualify for financial aid.  As it turned out, this is one of the most boring pages on every site. There were however a few schools who stood out when it came to great pages that were not only informative but interesting as well.

University of Arizona

The Scholarship Universe is a really well put together section on the University of Arizona page.  The site not only has a cool theme to it, but the login button is easy to find and you can really appreciate how hard the University worked to put together the page.  The design is responsive which makes mobile viewing easy, in addition to the logo not taking up too much valuable real estate. In terms of creativity, Arizona definitely nailed it.

Wichita State University

Wichita State University developed a very bright and eye catching website for their students to apply for scholarships. They chose an upbeat and positive color that also keeps with the school’s spirit but it does not distract from the message of where students need to go.  The buttons are easy to see and easy to read because the font is well spaces and the buttons are large enough for even the most hard of seeing to find.

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College has stolen the eyes of many a designer with their simple, yet modern website. They include just enough stock photos and smiling faces without over doing it on their main site and their colors are simple and easy to associate with.  The Scholarship for Military students page has colors that those from the military as well as civilians would be familiar with and be able to relate to. You can also see that the logo does not take up too much space, as it might on other school pages.

Which one of these do you think is the best designed site or do you know of any that are in fact more beautiful than the ones we found? Comment and let us know what you think!

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