Whats the Best Open Source Content Management System for Designers?

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Choosing the perfect CMS for any project is one of the most important aspects of web design – and the hardest. There are so many CMSes available and each offers so many different features and options, how can you possibly pick the best? For the most part it comes down to opinion, reputation and whatever you feel most comfortable with. Just like every project, everyone has there own thoughts and opinions on there favorite CMS.

As we do every week, we like to highlight an important question from Answers. And this weeks question is no different, everyone has there favorite and everyone has there opinion of What's the best open source content management system for designers?. Whats yours?
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What's the best open source content management system for designers?

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Answer from Ryan Smith:

Each Open Source CMS has it’s good and bad points. I personally use WordPress as it can do 95% of the sites my clients need. There’s the odd site I would not be to great for.
But that’s not to say it’s ‘the best’ for yourself or clients.
It’s a good CMS to start on. Well documented and tonnes of tutorials out there.

Answer from Emiel:

Since you’re asking for designers and not for coders, I would strongly suggest WordPress. You can create basic but great looking websites without too much developing skills and even if you take to time to get to know the basics of CSS, PHP and wordpress theme development, you can build about every type of site you need. Also your clients will be pleased by the easy to use and understand ‘backend’ of the CMS!

Answer from Heri Setiawan:

CMS Triangle: WordPress-Drupal-Joomla . And there is also a powerful CMS called Chyrp.

Answer from Jot8686:

Joomla is a good, solid system that has a vast community supporting it. Can’t go wrong with Joomla.

Answer from Bridget Thornton:

I’m biased because I consult for these folks but Webvanta appears to be more scalable than WordPress in the long run plus I think it is pretty easy to use and built on RoR. You could try it free.

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