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A Tutorial Of PHP Frameworks

April 26, 2010 • By

First of all, we believe you should know what a PHP framework is before we move forward to a full tutorial of PHP frameworks. PHP is the most common scripting language in the world and there are many reasons for this. It is flexible and easy to use. There are times when coding in PHP or any other language can get a bit repetitive and droning. This is where a PHP framework comes in and this starts out a tutorial of PHP frameworks.

PHP frameworks help with the promotion of rapid application development. In turns, this helps save time and it also helps build applications that are more stable. Did we mention that it also reduces the quantity of recurring coding for those developers? This is one of the main reasons why so many developers enjoy using it. It is also good for beginners! In fact, it helps them build apps that are more stable by guaranteeing accurate database interaction and coding. Instead of wasting your time writing a code that is repetitive, you will now have more time to create the web application.

So, why exactly should you use a PHP framework? That is the question that many individuals are looking for answers to. There are a number of different reasons as to why developers should use PHP frameworks. The number one reason is for speeding up the process of their development. Reusing the code when similar projects come along will save them from putting in extra time and effort. The framework allows the individual to use pre-built modules for performing those repetitive coding tasks. This way, the developer will be able to put more of their time towards developing the application instead of building a foundation with every project that they work on. Another pretty big reason as to why developers use frameworks is because of the stability. Simplicity is one of PHP’s biggest assets and for that reason, there are many individuals that prefer using the scripting language. However, this exact same thing can be one of its biggest downfalls. For those beginners, it is perfect, because it is easy to use, you can write bad code without even realizing that you did so.

With PHP, the application could still work, but you may have opened a big security hole in the coding without even realizing it. This could put you more at risk of attacks. It is important that you remember just how forgiving the language of PHP can be. It is always important to look at those lose ends of your coding and tie them up. Yes, even if your application is working perfectly on the outside. When it comes to PHP frameworks and the availability, it is pretty much widespread. You have many different frameworks that you will be able to pick out of. If you like and you have a creative touch, you will even be able to create your own.

Although, many of the developers out there choose to pick from one of the frameworks that are well-known because of the popularity, their forums and big support teams. The forums will allow you to chat with other developers that use the same kind of framework that you do. When it comes to your projects, you should first look at them and examine them in order to make sure you should be using a framework. There are a number of different questions that you should ask yourself. Below, we are going to go over some of those questions: 1.Is it going to save you or anyone else who uses it, effort and time? 2. Is it going to improve stability? Did you answer yes to one of these questions? If you did, then PHP framework may be the right choice for you.

For beginners and experienced individuals alike, framework can speed up the entire build process and help eliminate chances of bad coding. Many look at it as being a tool for those weak programmers that do not understand how to go about writing excellent, clean code. This may be true or it may not be, but the fact to it all is that PHP frameworks is a great tool that is useful to many successful people. It can help tighten up your coding and save time. When you are working on a project that has deadlines that are pretty tight, using this will be a huge benefit to you. Imagine being able to speed up the coding process. Therefore, if you are in a time crunch, PHP will be very useful to you and there is no denying this. If you are working on projects that have a large amount of repetitive coding, this will make the job less tedious.

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