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25 Places to Become A Photoshop Expert

November 16, 2009 • By

The Internet is the perfect place to learn pretty much anything, Photoshop is no exception. The popular image-editing software gets quite a few evangelists ready to spend their time to teach their techniques. In this collection you’ll find some of the best websites to become a Photoshop expert.

1. PSD Tuts+

psdtuts screenshot

2. Photoshop Lady

photoshop lady

3. Tutorial9

tutorial9 screenshot

4. Photoshop Roadmap

photoshop roadmap screenshot

5. Photoshop Tutorials

photoshop tutorials screenshot

6. PSD Vault

psd vault

7. Photoshop Star

photoshop star screenshot

8. PSDVibe

psdvibe screenshot

9. PsDeluxe

psdeluxe screenshot

10. Grafpedia

grafpedia screenshot

11. PS Hero

ps hero


10steps sg screenshot

13. PSD Burn

psd burn screenshot

14. Abduzeedo

abduzeedo screenshot

15. Photoshop Tutorials Blog

photoshop tutorials blog screenshot

16. My Photoshop Tutorials

my photoshop tutorial screenshot

17. Creative Overflow

creative overflow screenshot

18. Luxa

luxa screenshot

19. Photoshop Support

photoshop support screenshot

20. Total Tutorials

total tutorials screenshot

21. Photoshop 101

photoshop 101 screenshot

22. GoMediaZine

gomediazine screenshot

23. Tutorial Wiz

tutorialwiz screenshot

24. Tutorial Lounge

tutorial lounge screenshot

25. Tutorial Sphere

tutorial sphere screenshot

About the author: Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his design blog. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

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