25 More Places to Become a Photoshop Expert

November 23, 2009 • By

As you’ve seen in our part one of websites you can visit to learn Photoshop, there is plenty of resources available for the Photoshop expert wanna be. Because you never get enough of knowledge sources, here are a few more places where to get educated about Photoshop.

1. PSD Fan

psdfan screenshot

2. PSD Learning

psd learning

3. Photoshop Lab

photoshop lab screenshot

4. PS Wish


5. Photoshop User TV

photoshop user tv

6. Planet Photoshop

planet photoshop screenshot

7. PSD Core

psd core screenshot

8. Photoshop Essentials

photoshop essentials

9. Good Tutorials

good tutorials screenshot

10. Photoshop CS Tutorials

photoshop cs tutorials

11. Photoshop Guides

photoshop guides

12. Adobe TV

adobe tv

13. Tutorial Park

tutorial park screenshot

14. Pixel2Life

pixel2life screenshot

15. Tutorialized


16. Adobe Video Workshop

adobe video workshop

17. Spoono

spoono screenshot

18. Photoshop Videos

photoshop videos

19. Revision3 PixelPerfect

pixel perfect screenshot

20. Tutorial Blog

tutorial blog

21. Photoshop Tutorials on Vimeo

vimeo photoshop

22. Tut Factory

tut factory

23. Instructables Photoshop articles

instructables photoshop

24. Computer Arts

computer arts

25. Layers Magazine

layers magazine

About the author: Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his design blog. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

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