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WordPress is by far and away the most popular tag on Design Reviver Answers, which is not really a huge surprise considering how popular the CMS is. Below we have published some of the recent WordPress questions that our readers have posted along with the always helpful answers.

It has been yet another good week on Answers, thanks for your support!

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Can anyone recommend a free wordpress shopping cart plugin?

This question was asked by Ajay.

Answer from Kopanomedia:

Take a look at this Simple WP Shopping Cart app:SimpleCart(js) is a simple, attractive, and flexible WordPress theme that taps into the power of both Thematic and WP E-commerce. Features include AJAX cart functionality, a grid layout for products, and a flexible color scheme, easy to swap out images and completely customize the theme to your needs.

Answer from Jacob Mcdaniel:

The WP E-commerce plugin rocks (, very customizable, and you can get extra add-ons for a price.

Answer from Ejaz:

WP E-commerce is a great shopping cart plugin for WordPress. But you should have good shopping cart themes (e.g. as well so that it can be integrated properly.
There are other good options as well e.g. eShop and
Also see 10 Powerful Shopping/Ecommerce Plugin Solutions For WordPress for in depth review on

What’s your choice for wordpress security techniques to protect against attacks?

This question was asked by Autobots.

Answer from Joel Reyes :

That’s easy, stay up-to-date with your WordPress plugins, database, widgets, and versions. As newer versions come along, the old ones become easier to hack. The newer ones of course, are a bit harder since they haven’t been out long. So make sure you stay-to-date and you should be good.

How can i display more than one twitter feed on my wordpress blog?

This question was asked by Rollback999.

Answer from Autobots:

We do this by accessing the persons Twitter account RSS feed, then fetching it and embedding it on your site.
Replace the example RSS’s with the ones you’d like.

$rss_items = $rss->get_items(0, $maxitems);

    <?php if ($maxitems == 0) echo '

  • No items.
  • ';
    // Loop through each feed item and display each item as a hyperlink.
    Foreach ( $rss_items as $item ) : ?>

  • <a href='get_permalink(); ?>'>
    get_title(); ?>

I have multiple authors on my site, how can i display their info?

This question was asked by Themans.

Answer from Joel Reyes :

If you want to display their info at the bottom or beginning of the post, then use this and place it in the corresponding area of your WordPress files. (i.e. Single.PHP or Comments.PHP)

Edit the author box as necessary.

Unanswered Questions

As per usual we need a little help with some of this weeks unanswered questions, can you help?

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Thanks again, firstly to everyone who asked a question, but most importantly thanks to everyone that took the time to offer always helpful and useful answers.

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