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If you have a product or service which you believe is useful for the masses then you’re first notion would be to get the word out. Marketing your product to the right target group is vital, especially when you’re planning on seeing most if not all of your sales through online venues.

As designers and developers who are avidly scaling through the web for quality resources we’ve come across the countless advertisements geared directly towards us. Many are enticing and some are worth following, however, which advertising network does that site use to deliver these targeted ads?

This article is for anyone who may have a website, product or online application and wish to reach a targeted audience. The purpose behind this post isn’t to market these ad networks, but to reach those who actually have useful resources, websites and/or tools for all of us to use. You can also use this as a quick guide to finding a feasible ad network for relevant ads to be delivered across your websites as well.


BuySellAds is one of the most widely used advertising networks by publishers that wish to reach a variety of niche’s such as design, photography, development, business, and much more. They make managing ads a whole lot easier and they remove time-consuming restraints from the equation. For advertisers being able to find corresponding ad spaces is an easy task and keeping track of all the ads is effortless.

They solely believe “The process of buying and selling ads should be easy, and it should stay that way.” And that’s what makes them stand out the most.

Delivery Structure: Image and Text Ads Via

Payment Methods: PayPal, Check and Wire Transfers

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion has one of the largest media footprints in the world, with the ability to reach more than 230 million people per month worldwide. They go through a quick but strenuous process to hand-pick the best sites that will deliver relevant content. Tribal Fusion’s proprietary technology platform provides advertisers a complete, end-to-end platform with which to plan, serve, optimize, and analyze campaigns. Tribal Fusion’s proprietary targeting platform enables advertisers to leverage a broad range of targeting technologies to reach their target audience.

Delivery Structure: Image CPA and CPC Ads

Payment Methods: Mailed Check (Net 45)


AdBrite has created a completely transparent and effective advertising exchange focused on maximizing ROI for advertisers and publisher yield through best in class targeting and optimization technology. AdBrite’s auction-driven pricing, real-time bidding and API functionality, combined with a self-service account management interface, gives our customers unparalleled access to campaign information and total control.

Delivery Structure: Image, Text, Rich Media, and Full Page Ads

Payment Methods: Mailed Check (Net 60)

The Deck

The DECK allows you to reach creative, web, and design professionals through various popular and traffic heavy websites and online magazines. This ad network has seen steady growth and servers over one-hundred million ad impressions every month. The ads are strategically matched up with the right web presence that is believed to reap the highest results possible. Not only are they picky with the websites they accept into their network, but they don’t just take any ads, they have to previously used the service or paid for it.

The effectiveness of this ad network comes in where you can make use of the “roadblocks” and your ad will be dynamically delivered to every website within the network on an exclusive basis.

Delivery Structure: Image Ads Containing Text-Links

Payment Methods: Unavailable

ValueClick Media

Offering innovative solutions for advertisers across its extensive display advertising and lead generation platforms, ValueClick Media leverages expertise, scale, extensive targeting capabilities and market-leading optimization technology to accomplish both direct response and brand marketing objectives.

Delivery Structure: Text and Image Ads

Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Check or PayPal

Fusion Ads

FusionAds is a revolutionary ad network for the creative audience and professionals. Since its launch in January of 2009 it’s had somewhat of a similar ad structure to that of The DECK, however with features such as ads that will only be targeted to Apple iPod Touch consumers and the option to aggressively reach designers, developers, publishers, and creatives, that’s where they differentiate.

The FusionAds Network successfully delivers over 21 Million ad impressions on a monthly basis, and that’s just through its dedicated creative network, imagine if it were to reach a broader audience.

Delivery Structure: Image Ads Containing Text-Links

Payment Methods: PayPal and Check

Which effective ad networks for creatives and web professionals have we missed? Let us know below!

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