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Things A Front-End Developer Should Know

July 9, 2010 • By

There are no clear and defined skill-sets a developer should have to build a web site, with so many different technological possibilities it can be difficult deciding which to focus on. A question on this subject was recently asked on Answers, so, what skills do you think a front-end developer should have?

You can leave your answers and thoughts below in the comment section, or you can leave your answer/opinion on the original question here: What Should a Front-End Developer Know?.

What Should a Front-End Developer Know?

This question was originally asked by Desi, and you will find the favorite answers below:

Best Answer from J.J. Nold:

What Should a Front-End Developer Know?

Second answer from an Unregistered User:

What Should a Front-End Developer Know?

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Just one unanswered question this week, can you help?

  1. Can Anyone Explain the True Difference in jQuery and jQuery UI?

Thanks again, firstly to everyone who asked a question, but most importantly thanks to everyone that took the time and effort to offer helpful and useful answers.

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