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Site Review: Find the Right Domain Name with

December 13, 2010 • By

Choosing a great domain name for a website is a big decision whether its for a personal blog or a brand new business.  It has been estimated that over 184 million domains have already been registered so its becoming increasingly difficult to find a great original name.

Doing its best to help on this front is a starkly simple site that helps you search and discover available domain names.

Check availability

Getting great ideas for domain names only to find they have already been registered can get really frustrating. PCNames simple search interface makes the process a lot less time consuming by quickly displaying results as you type  just like Google instant.

Simple color coding on the results means you can see at a glance if your domain is available in a selection of the most popular top level domains( .com, .net., .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi, .name).  Red denotes the domain is taken, blue that its for sale and green that its available. If you hover over any of these a pop up appears that displays a screen shot and the price if its for sale.

The site also keeps all you recent domain search history right on this page so you can you don’t end up searching for the same domains over and over.

Related name suggestions

In addition to the search functionality the site also has a selection of handy tools to help you on your quest to find the perfect domain. The domain generator tool is particularly useful,  just enter one or more keywords and the site generates a list of alternative related domain names. Like with the search function the availability of each TLD is also displayed.

In the example below I have searched for design, the tool suggested some available domains such as the, and Another useful feature is the Bulk Lookup Tool that allows you to easily check the availability of multiple domains at once.

The site also has a selection of useful embeddable widgets, the widgets work just like the the domain search tool on the homepage so you can use these to add domain searching to your website see an example below.


To sum up PCNames has great set of free tools which are definitely worth taking advantage of the next time you are registering a domain. The instant search result saves time while the bulk availability check and domain suggestions are useful additions.

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