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Designing for smaller screen resolutions can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure which fonts will mesh well with the mobile resolutions you’re designing for. In example, dark bold fonts that are prone to look really well on larger computer monitors will more than likely become blurred and distorted on smaller screens.

Choosing the wrong font could be a disaster, and selecting the right font for mobile web pages may not work well with your current project. It’s sometimes shoot or miss, however, by reading up on resources on mobile type you can decrease the chances of selecting the wrong font. As you can see below, we’ve compiled a list of high-quality fonts and great resources that are sure to give your users a more complete mobile experience.


Fontin Sans





Dejavu Sans



Zekton Free

Mobile Typography Resources

Mobile Typography

This article covers the challenges and technical aspects of mobile typography. It shows you exactly what makes a font “worthy” of being displayed on a smaller screen, and its characteristics. You’ll learn about font measurements, letterforms, vital families, styles, kerning and more. It’ll also show you a guideline for selecting a the right typefaces for small-screen devices.  Read More

Typography for Mobile Phone Devices

The following case-study conveys valuable information on QUALCOMM’s decision to develop and strategically design the typographic aspect of their mobile user interfaces. They previously had a custom family of sans-serif fonts that were going to be used with previous devices, however, the project led to the assessing the impact of digital type on mobile devices. Follow the link to download the full case-study. Read More

The Typography Manual 1 (Mobile)

This manual is straight to the point, easy to follow, and lets you in on some intriguing insight having to do with mobile typography. It’s a detailed guide (60+ pages) for designers that displays a history of type, the basics, characteristics and more. It also comes with a Visual Type Anatomy Glossary that shows you the types terminology in the form of letters and their definition as well. Read More

Fonts for prototyping mobile UIs

Here you’ll find great pointers on using the right fonts for prototyping mobile UI’s. Because there are is a plethora of designers that create prototypes before developing a mobile website, you should know which fonts work best and how. When you design mobile web pages your designs suffer from bad pixelation, now imagine your fonts being displayed in the same manner. This article covers the right type to use, which manufacturers (Nokia, Samsung, Etc..) use which fonts, and what fonts should/can be replaced. Read More

Typography for Mobile Devices

Just as the title states, this article goes over Typography for Mobile Devices. Just about 3 billion people use mobile devices, can you afford not to select the right fonts? You’ll also see that the author discusses quick points on relative fonts and which ones are not worth using. For example, the use of Times as a mobile type is frowned upon, but why? Because it lacks personality.

This is a good argument, in fact, Time is one of those fonts that look much better after 12px. The author also relates using fonts for smaller screens to the reasons why you would choose a specific font for print. The selection of fonts for use of print requires such topics as hinting, kerning, and x-height to be covered. Interestingly enough, the author says that these are also grounds for selecting a mobile type. Read More

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