How to easily find a font used anywhere

January 16, 2014 • By

Whenever you want to send a message to your audience, you need to maximize its visual impact. Bloggers and graphic designers are particularly accustomed to using attractive imagery to ensnare visitors’ attention, and so raise interest about an idea or a certain product that they’re trying to push forward.

Aside from catchy designs, though, the employed typeface holds a lot of weight, too. Hitting the mark may well depend on whether you’ve conveyed the written content in a font that is both appealing and blending in with the other visual elements (design).

Looking for a brilliant font can sometimes be a pain in the neck. If you go the length of manually surfing the web hoping to find an interesting font and then learn where to get it from, there’s no telling how long it would take – or whether you’d come up with anything at all. Thankfully, you don’t have to wander endlessly, because you can find just about any font in one place.

This tool is perfect for when you happen to spy the font of your dreams in a random word somewhere on the web, because it gives you three different ways of making sure you’ll find what you need. You can either type down a keyword and launch a manual search through the vast database, or insert the URL of where you saw an image portraying that specific font. Finally, the third option involves taking a screenshot of the word, then uploading it onto this platform.


If you go the route of URL or screenshot, simply tick a box and specify whether the background is either lighter or darker than the characters, and you’re ready to “Continue” onto the next stage. That’s where you are asked to spell out your word letter by letter, and choose to be presented with fonts that are free of charge, commercial, or both sorts.


Click “Continue” again, and your quest has come to an end. The results page summons all matching or similar known fonts, and lays them at your feet. Scroll through the samples, and decide either on an exact fit, or a close match. If it’s a commercial font, click on it and you’ll be redirected to where it’s safe to acquire it from. In my attempt, I was lucky to find a perfect match that is freely available:


Did I mention that the whole process takes only a couple of minutes of your precious time to complete? Go ahead, check out, and you will have located font heaven.

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