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When used correctly, bold type can help you grab lots of attention from a wide range of users. It is also one of the most overlooked web trends where the “less is more” train of thought can be put to use. When you have a large number of texts being displayed on your website, how do you plan on making important phrases, words, and headlines stand out? Six times out of ten the answer would be bold type.

Below we’ve managed to compile a few reasons why you should use bold type in your web designs.

They Create Contrast Between Other Text

One reason you should use bold type is because of the gracious amount of contrast it provides between headlines and regular content. Headlines always need to be separated from the rest of the text in order to stand out and/or quickly inform you of what you’re going to read. Some headlines will make or break an article, same goes for using bold type, some fonts should be made bold in order to grab attention.

For example, Arial is a beautiful and very common font, it’s often used for headlines, depending on the texts size you may need to make it bold in order for it to stand out. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be grabbing much attention. Please keep in mind that in some cases, by increasing the text size in px or em you may not have to make the font bold.

Bold Fonts Help You Emphasize

It’s also important that you remember to make certain text within a paragraph bold as well. When a person reads through content, they like to scan and skip through all the parts they believe to be boring. The text that stands out the most and jumps at them is what they’re more than likely going to focus on. This is why you need to choose the text you want to create emphasis with, carefully.

A lot of bloggers rather place an emphasis on text at the beginning and throughout the middle of every one or two paragraphs. This won’t ensure that every reader will take a deeper gander at most of your content, but it may increase the odds of a majority being read. You also have to make sure you don’t go on a bold type spree and make every little bit of text you can bold. Your content will be extremely hard to read and comprehend.

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