8 Websites To Gain The Understanding Of Flash/Actionscript

May 5, 2010 • By

Having a strong understanding of how Flash and ActionScript work is the best way to make outstanding web pages that will draw a lot of attention. Once the basics of each of these applications have been mastered, then the web designer is able to move onto some of the more expert ways to use Flash and ActionScript. Below, we are going to give you a list of 8 Websites To Help Gain The Understanding Of Flash/Actionscript.

This is a tutorial that will walk the user through the creation of a basic flash website. There are a total of 42 steps and each one is finely detailed, with screen captures included as well.

There are thousands of tutorials available on this site, for everything from 3D effects to Third Party Apps. This site is set up in a simple style that allows for quick perusal through the latest Flash tutorials and the most popular ones as well. Pixel2Life is a great resource for tutorial indexing and searching. Their goal is to make it easy for people to find what they need, by way of tutorials.

Using ActionScript and Flash MX to design a simple website is what the purpose of this site is for. It walks through all the steps involved, by using words. There aren’t any steps broken down or screen captures to show the steps, but there are a few boxes with code listed in them. This is helpful in seeing what the screen should say while the site is being constructed.

This site is for learning how to use ActionScript for Macromedia Flash. The tutorial will teach a bit more than what was learned in the Using Flash tutorial and it will also show how to create interactive movies. It is also designed for people who are just beginning to use ActionScript and who want to become more advanced with it. The site states that the tutorial takes about an hour to finish and then has a series of links to the tasks the tutorial focuses on.

Tutorials for both Flash and ActionScript are plentiful on this site. There is great information on animation, drawing and design, and common Flash tasks. As for ActionScript, all the basics are included on this site. An extensive collection of information dealing with special effects is a great tutorial resource on this site, as well as isometry and game development.

When it comes to learning Flash animation, this site is extremely helpful. There are also Flash ActionScript tutorials as well. The tutorials are very easy to follow and perfect for beginners who are just getting acquainted with either of these aspects of Flash. The tutorials include are on; Flash symbols, Flash animation basics, Flash text basics, advanced Flash buttons, Flash sound button, cool Flash effects, and many more.

This is a computer based training site and has many tutorials for learning how to us Flash Load Movie, creating pop-up windows, being able to create a morphing cursor that changes when the mouse goes over it, and even using frames in Dreamweaver-Flash.

For a list of ActionScript tutorials, this is the site to go to. The tutorials are divided up into two groups; basic and expert. In the basic group, there are tutorials for creating duplicates of objects, reading text files, understanding operators, and how to produce complex expressions in ActionScript. As for the expert group, tutorials can be found that teach how to make objects collide into one another, building an interactive menu, appearing and disappearing objects, and creating mouse trails.

These are only eight of the available resources for finding tutorials on Flash and ActionScript. There are so many more offered online and many more are popping up on the internet all the time. It will take time to learn some of the techniques involved with either of these applications, but creating fantastic web pages will be a breeze. There are plenty of tutorials that use both words and visuals to walk designers through the whole process being explained. Choosing which tutorial to view will mainly depend on how the designer absorbs information best; by reading or through hands-on visuals.

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