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20 Essential Social Media Widgets for your Mac Dashboard

July 13, 2009 • By

We all need a personal assistant to stay on top of all our social media commitments, it can be difficult and time consuming. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace … Digg, Delicious … and not to mention kepping your personal blog up to date. We need help.

One solution for the MAC user are widgets, those small indispensible apps that run on the dashboard. Below you will find a selection of the best social media widgets for your MAC Dashboard, I hope they help.

A handy and easy to use a widget with the look and feel of the website.



MAC Widget

Twidget is a free feature rich Dashboard Widget for OS X that allows you to update your Twitter status. Its displays the 20 most recent public tweets or your friends timeline, automatic refresh, links to reply to direct messages, mark tweets as “Favourite”and recognizes replies and auto-links them to follow conversations.

Download Twidget


MAC Widget

Chirp is a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X that allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on your microblogging, Web 2.0 life. With Chirp, you can quickly view your friends’ latest updates, and post links, updates, or even send direct messages to your friends. Microblogging has been taking the world by storm — and now, Chirp brings the best of it to your Dashboard!

Download Chirp


MAC Widget

Twitterlex is a simple Mac OS X Dashboard Widget that shows you the last 30 twitters by you and your Twitter friends, updating every 60 seconds when visible. When hidden, it updates every 5 minutes and sending Growl notifications if anyone has updated their status.

Download Twitterlex Widget

MAC Widget

This widget enables you to login to your bookmark feed and easily browse your bookmarks from the comfort of your Dashboard.

Download Widget

Stumbleupon Widget

MAC Widget

Put simply, it searches Stumbleupon and returns the results via the Dashboard.

Download Stumbleupon Widget


MAC Widget

Simply click the Slashdash icon in your widget tray, and you will have a small Slashdot themed widget window that will update every 30 minutes automatically. Click the article title and the article will open in your browser.

Download Slashdash


MAC Widget

This elegant widget displays any MySpace user’s most recent comment. Simply enter the user’s URL on the reverse side, and MySpaceViewer retrieves both the comment and the picture of the user who sent the comment.

Download MySpaceViewer

Technorati Tag Generator

MAC Widget

The Technorati Tag Generator is a simple widget allowing you to generate HTML code that is associated with popularTechnorati Tags. Ysers, then have to, cut and paste the generated HTML code into their blog page.

Download Technorati Tag Generator


MAC Widget

With this feature rich widget you can watch and search featured videos, you can also view the most discussed, most recent, most viewed all within your Dashboard.

Download YouTube

Search Wikipedia

MAC Widget

Enter in the search field any searcg term and it will open the Wikipedia page with that information.

Download Search Wikipedia


MAC Widget

FlickIt is a dashboard widget specifically design to save you huge amounts of time. Whether you want to post a photo to your blog, send a link to one via email or instant message, or would like to paste the source of it into an application you’re using – FlickIt can handle it.

Download FlickIt

Flickr Interestingness

MAC Widget

This widget shows a random selection of 16 images from the top 100 most interesting photos on It also allows you to zoom in on a selected image and then open a browser window showing the selected photo detail page on

Download Flickr Interestingness

Google Reader

MAC Widget

The Google Reader Dashboard Widget will display on your dashboard the number of items from your feeds that are currently unread.

Download Google Reader


MAC Widget

This dashboard widget allows you to display news feeds in your dashboard. It supports both RSS and Atom feeds. You can have multiple readers open which display different feeds. The widget can automatically reload your feeds.

Download RSS-Reader

Gmail Widget

MAC Widget

This cool little widget allows you to view your Gmail inbox at a glance.

Download Gmail Widget

Blogger Widget

MAC Widget

The quickest and easiest method of posting to Blogger.

Download Blogger Widget

Facebook Watch

MAC Widget

Displays user data from the social networking site The widget allows the user to view: Their wall ; Friends’ recently updated profiles ; Friend, group, and detail requests ; Their inbox ; New Pokes.

Download Facebook Watch


MAC Widget

WordPressDash offers an easy way for bloggers to post to their WP sites whenever they want from the comfort of their MAC dashboards.

Download WordPressDash


MAC Widget

A LiveJournal client with support for: Shared Journals (including moderated communities); Custom Friend-groups; Ready made basic HTML tags (just type your own if you want something else); Current iTunes track info; Mood entry (from the list or enter you own); Colour schemes; Shrinkable interface, for smaller screened users; Secure passwords (using Keychain); Userpics; Tags.

Download LiveWidget

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboy and speckyboy@twitter)

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