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11 Mistakes web designers should avoid

January 7, 2013 • By

Those involved in the web design process knows that this is one of the most important elements for the success of a website. It is not secret that designing a good website takes time and dedication. While most designers handle the task well, there are still a lot of designers making simple mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here is a collection of the 10 biggest mistakes that should be avoided when designing a website.


Fixed Font Size

Personally if I run across a website where I can’t change the font size I will most likely leave the page never to return.  Always allow users to resize the fonts on your pages based on their own preferences. Some people just don’t have 20/20 vision and would like your text to be a little bigger, now if you are forcing them to squint just to read your text then you are doing something wrong!


Confusing the visitor with many versions

In the past web designers made several different versions of their websites, Flash or HTML, Fast Bandwidth or Slow Bandwidth. Today there is nothing more annoying that trying to enter a website only to be greeted with a plethora of different versions. Your website should work flawless despite the speed of the visitors connection. This also goes for size with responsive design today there should be no reason to ask your visitors which screen resolution they want to experience your website in.


Spelling Mistakes 

While this should seem like a no brainer, not only in web design but in general, you would be surprised to see how many website have spelling errors, however with spellcheck there is no excuse for not spelling something correctly. It really does improve a website if there are no spelling mistakes. Also make sure your headings don’t have spelling mistakes.



Fancy fonts that are unreadable

So you found the perfect font that will look amazing on your website, great but can your visitors read it? Remember the main aim of your website is to deliver a message. If no one can read the font then the message is bound to get lost in translation.


Playing Music

It used to be that many web designers would integrate music into their websites. Honestly there is nothing worse than having to go through all your open tabs to find the one spewing out some hideous music. If your website requires an audio file to get the message across, then make sure it is user controlled allow the visitor to push the play button when they are ready to listen to your audio.


Using Harsh Colors

Back when the internet was first gaining in popularity it used to be that web designers would use a lot of flashy colors to get the visitors attention. However not only will these colors look different on different screens, but the harsh colors are not good on the eyes, making your site a chore to view.


Unreadable CAPTCHA

Yes I know some sites simply require CAPTCHA filters as a way to reduce the spam comments that make it through, or in order to prevent bots from registering on a site. However honestly there is nothing worse than trying to decipher  an impossible CAPTCHA.



Links pointing nowhere

There is Nothing and I repeat Nothing worse thank clicking on a link only to be met with a “page not found”. If you are going to link to something then please make sure that the link actually works. Sometimes links become dead without you noticing, therefore it might be a good idea to once in a while go over them and make sure they are still working.


Hard-to-Find New Content

Unless the website you designed is just filled with static information, chances are you will be updating the site on a regular basis. One big mistake web designers make is that they hide the new content from the visitor, but instead of sending them on a scavenger hunt for the news you are actually guiding them closer and closer to the back button.


Unnecessary  registration

Let me say this ONE more time, there is nothing worse than wanting to read something only to be met with a “please register” page, unless this is absolutely necessary then please don’t ask visitors to register. And if you do ask them to register don’t bombard them with useless spammy messages.


No cross browser testing

Remember not all browsers are created equal, this also means that not all websites will look the same on all browser. This is why it is very important that you test your website on several different browsers before publishing your website. I used to work for a company that not only checked their website compatibility with the different browsers but with different versions of the same browser going all the way back to those being used in 1999 just to be safe.