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Amazing Tips for Improving Web Typography

September 23, 2010 • By

Designers tend to be perfectionists, as everything they do has to fit in place precisely the way they intend it to be whether based on concepts or imagination. Most browsers tend to default to Times New Roman or the likes, which does not quite blend in with sleek, imaginative, and very creative designs.READ MORE


Five Fresh Photoshop Text Effects

September 21, 2010 • By

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned Photoshop pro or a novice, there are two things both levels have in common – a passion for learning new techniques and a huge desire to improve their skills. And as far as Photoshop tutorials go, text effects are one of the most popular techniques designers choose to follow, and in this round-up we have chosen five in which we are sure you will love.



Four Web Design Articles Well Worth Reading

June 28, 2010 • By

As web designers we all love searching for great new resources, browsing some useful and relevant tutorials and we especially love them as most are free. Sometimes though, we need something more, something that will set your mind alight and for you to consider it a darn good read. And that is what we have found for you today, four web design articles that are well worth your time. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take the time to enjoy them.



Our Favorite Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

June 24, 2010 • By

In today’s news round-up we have collected some of the best and freshest Photoshop text effect tutorials. Text effect tutorials are one of the most popular sought after learning categories for PS, and as such there hundreds upon hundreds of tuts of varied degrees. We have picked our recent favorites, you can see them below.


Articles, General

The Future Of CSS Typography

June 2, 2010 • By

The challenge for any web designer is to create style sheets that are unique, distinctive and can be replicated in a way that will create brand recognition. To that end, the future of CSS typography is an ever evolving and changing field that is constantly being updated, altered, and manipulated to both meets the growing demands of clients and the challenging demands of the market.READ MORE


4 Awesome Fresh Font Collections

May 27, 2010 • By

Limiting your design range to reusing the same font on project after project doesn't go for making a decent body of work. It is essential that all designers have a good library of fonts that they can rely upon. Unfortunately, a lot of the best fonts are pretty expensive for freelance designers, and as such we have listed below the best and freshest font collections that we could find to help you out.



Cool Resource: The Google Font API and Font Directory

May 20, 2010 • By

A couple of days Google introduced the Google Font API and Google Font Directory to everybody.

The Google Font API provides a simple, cross-browser method for using any font in the Google Font Directory on your web page.

The fonts have all the advantages of normal text: in addition to being richer visually, text styled in web fonts is still searchable, scales crisply when zoomed, and is accessible to users using screen readers.READ MORE


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