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ThemeSwitcher in Web Design, Fantstic Examples and Tutorials

June 7, 2010 • By

Have you ever visited a site that sells themes and allows you to easily switch between them within a fraction of a second? Most of have, and we can agree that this makes switching between these much quicker and easier. The cool thing about ThemeSwitchers is that any website with a similar function (i.e. switching between color swatches from an online color app) can utilize them through the power of jQuery.READ MORE

Tips, Tutorials

Premium WordPress Theme Design – Part 2 – HTML + CSS + WordPress Theme Files

December 5, 2008 • By

Hi, I’m Alvaro Guzman and this is the second part of the premium wordpress theme tutorial continued from Part 1. This time you’ll learn how to slice the design and convert it into XHTML + CSS, then I’ll show you how to use the css files to mock-up a WordPress template. This isn’t a basic tutorial, if you’re a newbie, maybe you should read some basic HTML+CSS tutorials, and undestand the basics of CSS tags and WordPress features and structure.


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