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200+ Textures, Brushes, and Fonts: Ultimate Grunge Roundup

June 7, 2008 • By

Grunge style is rough, rugged, torn, worn, and tattered. To most, these adjectives would describe something less than appealing, but in the hands of a talented web designer, elements possessing these qualities can be used to turn a web site into a work of art. So, if you are just getting started in grunge design or if you are already a pro, you should find the grunge freebies in this article to be very useful.READ MORE


Free Wood Textures

March 16, 2008 • By

There have been several sites lately that incorporate wood in the design in some way or another. It gives a site a warm and natural feel, and can help make the design look great when done tastefully. If you have yet to do a design with wood, here are a few textures that might help you get in on the action.READ MORE


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