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7 Free Metal Textures

January 21, 2011 • By

Textures can form a principal element in your designs. They add details to images, giving a great deal of depth to a composition. Textures could come in the forms of high resolution images such as detailed surfaces of rocks, fabric, wood etc or can just be regular pictures. We have produced 7 exclusive free metal textures for you to download along with a step by step tutorial showing how they were made.

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Fresh Photoshop Resources – Patterns, Textures and Actions

June 4, 2010 • By

There is nothing better, nothing more powerful and nothing more popular than the greatest graphic image editor ever that is Photoshop. Photoshop by itself is a pretty useful tool, but when its extended with stylish brushes, beautiful patterns, seamless textures and powerful actions, it is truly an unstoppable tool.

In today’s news we have collected the best free resources to help enhance your next project.



3 Amazing and Fresh Photoshop Brush Collections

December 11, 2009 • By

Photoshop brushes are an integral part of any any designers toolbox. Sadly Photoshop doesn’t come packaged with an abundance of high quality brushes, you do need to search and scour the web for quality brushes. On a positive note, there are no shortage of designers willing to share there brushes, meaning that there are literally thousands upon thousands of brush sets available for download.READ MORE


Watercolor Roundup: 200+ Beautiful Brushes and Textures

July 29, 2008 • By

Watercolor effects are a hot trend right now in web design. It seems like we are seeing at least one or two sites featuring this style show up on the design galleries every week. Adding watercolor elements to a design can definitely give it an artistic appearance, and when done well, can make a website look as if it was scanned from a canvas.READ MORE


350+ Brushes, Textures, and Fonts: Massive Hand Drawn Roundup

July 10, 2008 • By

You don’t need to have your finger on the pulse of web design trends to know that hand drawn style is hot right now. To achieve this look you have a few options: you can do some sketches and doodles on paper and scan them in, or you can draw them directly in Photoshop. The third option would be to take advantage of the resources found in this article.READ MORE


25 Awesome Stock Texture and Photo Websites

June 27, 2008 • By

This is a guest post by Omar the Radwan. Omar is a consultant by day; and an artist, musician, and photographer by night.

Whether creating a grungy website or designing an event flyer, using the right textures and photos are key. Not only should the images be sharp and clear, but finding the right size (usually huge) is important as well. We take a look at some great stock texture and photo websites that provide these much needed tools at a price that fits everyone’s budget (FREE). READ MORE


300+ Vintage Style Textures and Photoshop Brushes

June 16, 2008 • By

Vintage design, when done well, can make a user feel like they have been transported back in time. This particular style often uses design elements that look like they were found in the attic of an old house dating back to the 1920’s, 30’s, or 40’s. If you have a project coming up that requires this type of design, here is a big roundup of textures and Photoshop brushes, all found at deviantArt.READ MORE


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