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How to Communicate With Your Clients

July 5, 2010 • By

Effectively communicating with your client is not only an integral part of your relationship but one that’s vital. It will also aim to help you understand tasks, projects, and the needs at hand. Without proper communication between you and your client chaos will likely have its way and several unfinished projects would be the norm. As humans we thrive on communication, it’s a necessarily and an important part of our everyday lives. Now imagine how things would be if there was wasn’t any viable flow of communication with your clients? Nothing pretty.READ MORE


What Project Management Software Do you Use and Why?

April 9, 2010 • By

Regardless of the size of your design company, you will from time to time need a good project management application. The problem that you will have is not finding a good and reliable app (for the most part they all are in there own way), the problem will be finding one that meets the needs of the project you are working on and the client you are working with.



14 Questions To Ask Your Clients Before and After a Project

February 24, 2010 • By

Getting to know your client is an important part of determining if you’re a right fit for the project. Not only that, but you should always ask questions before-hand to compile information that you will later use to accurately design a website or logo for them. If you quote a client for a project without knowing what it truly entails, then you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of loosing valuable time and money.READ MORE


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