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Four Simple and Quick Photo Effects

July 22, 2010 • By

High quality photo effects are not only reserved for professionals or tech-savvy image editing specialists, they can be achieved by anyone, as today’s design news demonstrates. We have collected four recent photo editing tutorials that can be easily followed and achieved by anyone with a digital camera and a desire to give a little bit of coolness and professionalism to there shots.



Create Batman Logo in Photoshop

July 19, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating the iconic Bat logo of the superhero, Batman. Here, we’ll be using the Pen Tool to sketch out the ‘bat’ and a set of Heavy Scratches brushes to add a great amount of detail to the bat logo.



How to Create a Liquid Human Figure in Photoshop

July 7, 2010 • By

This Photoshop tutorial will include the use of the 3D software – Daz3d that you can download for free at This great easy-to-use 3d software which also has been doubles as a virtual photo studio is a 98 MB file. I opted for Daz3d because it offered to me the option to manipulate the posture of the models I used in any form. This is great if you have a limited gallery of stock images or you can’t find a model with the exact posture, lighting, body weight or skin color you looking for.



How to Create a Mouse in Photoshop

May 26, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll attempt to create a realistic computer mouse. The use of Layer styles would be key here, especially in the areas of gradients, shadows and glows. This post took a little longer to complete than I anticipated.


12 Fresh, Original and Unique Photoshop Tutorials

September 12, 2009 • By

Everyday the Photoshop community offers several new tutorials and free resources. Any and all tutorials are appreciated, sometimes though, you yearn for a tutorial that is fresh, original and unique. Something out with the norm. A chance to learn a new skill or technique and stretch your graphic design skills to the limit. In this post we have collected 12 recent Photoshop tutorials that meet that criteria.



How to Create Brilliant Light Streaks in Photoshop

April 29, 2008 • By

Lighting effects have become quite popular, and are an effective way to add bright eye catching details to a photo or illustration. In this tutorial, you will learn a simple technique for creating brilliant light streaks which can be used in different ways to add motion and brightness to your designs.READ MORE


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