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Weekly News Roundup – 15 March 2013

March 15, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at CSS3 and HTML5 tutorials, what journalists need to know about web design, jQuery mobile for beginners, as well as great examples of typeface combinations in web design.



How To Create A Google Android 3D Logo in Photoshop

August 16, 2010 • By

This tutorial was inspired by a 3D rendered version of the Google Android logo that I came across. So, I decided to try out achieving relativity the same result with Photoshop – CS 2 to be precised. And the final image was outstanding to say the least. The interplay of light and shadows are key for a near-realistic result for a traditionally 2D program as Photoshop.



Create a Horror Movie Poster in Photoshop

August 10, 2010 • By

We’ll be creating a gory image of a hand for a movie poster in this tutorial. I was inspired by a movie poster created by Swedish designer Marcell Bandicksson for the film titled, The Ruins. Here, we’ll employ the use of Layer masks and a combination textures
for a gravely image. Lighting and tone of the final picture would also important for an atmospheric effect.



Aloha Editor, CSS3 Pie, FontFonter – Impressive Fresh Tools

August 5, 2010 • By

It is always impressive how many useful and free web apps and tools there are for web designers, and today’s fresh selection is just that – very impressive. The Aloha Editor is especially impressive, with its unique live editing features. And there is also CSS3 Pie which will make all CSS3 properties viewable in all versions of IE (it really does!). If you have the time we recommend you take a look at these tools.



Fresh Photoshop Tutorials and Resources

August 3, 2010 • By

Today we have a nice round-up of hand-picked and fresh articles and resources for all of the Photoshop fans out… that will pretty much everyone then! There are is a huge selection (50!) of tutorials for the latest and greatest CS5, a selection of trending lighting tutorials, 100+ Photoshop actions and finally an impressive selection of web layout templates. Hope you find them useful.



Old School Microphone Design

July 29, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to design an old school microphone.

Step 1:

Let’s start out by creating a new file. I used a 500×500 pixels canvas set at 72dpi, and I filled my background with white. Now create a layer set and name it ‘Microphone’. In a new layer draw a dark gray rounded rectangle with #424645 color shade and 43 x 104 px dimensions.



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