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JQuery (In Comparison To Flash)

September 6, 2010 • By

JQuery is a framework for JavaScript which was released in 2006. The whole framework was developed by John Resig, an American Resident, Currently working with Mozilla Corporation as a JavaScript Tool Developer. Although there are many other JavaScript frameworks jQuery has been proven best in all the frameworks. The other frameworks like MooTools, Spry, midori, qooxdoo also allow you to manipulate the client side HTML content, but jQuery became very popular among all these because of its flexibility, easy coding standards and ability to deliver robust outcomes. In simple language jQuery makes the tasks done by JavaScripts easy, fast and understanding. One can manipulate css, content, images, HTML attributes and even the server side data by implementation of Ajax with jQuery.READ MORE


jQuery & CSS Tooltip Example

October 21, 2008 • By

Websites and web applications alike are slowly but surely transitioning towards an environment filled with rich user interface gadgets. Tooltips are amongst this vast array of gadgets that should be in every web application developer’s toolbox, as they provide useful hints and help messages directly to the user in a discrete yet obvious manner.READ MORE


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