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The Best of Web Design Menu Inspiration

March 4, 2010 • By

You could have the best website in the world with the best content ever, yet without a decent navigation system it would all be worthless. There are certain criteria you need to follow when designing your menu – it needs to only stands out and be obvious of its purpose, it also needs to match the style of your sites design and most importantly it needs to be usable, meaning your visitors can understand it and easily use it.


4 Awesome Recently Released jQuery Plugins

February 17, 2010 • By

Where would web design be without the wonderful jQuery and its marvelous library of free plugins? Of course there are other Javascript libraries, but none of them have had such a dramatic impact on modern web design as jQuery. It really is indispensable.READ MORE


A Selection of Useful jQuery Plugins

January 27, 2010 • By

For the last few years jQuery has been the jewel in Javascripts crown. Its rapid rise in popularity not only reflects how powerful a tool it is but also how relatively easy it is to work with. It is because of these two factors that developers have been churning out plugins and new techniques at a phenomenal rate.


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A Round-Up of Free Apps and Tools for Designers

November 17, 2009 • By

Designers and developers can never get enough of them, especially when they are free. We are talking about free apps, those little tools that can that save you so much time and save you so much money. In this post we have collected the best recent round-ups and have listed them below. In total there are 77 apps, I am sure you will find something useful in this collection.

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A Round-Up of Super Javascript and jQuery Plugins

September 8, 2009 • By

jQuery has been flying the flag for Javascript for quite a while now, and rightly so, it is amazing. And, with its huge popularity, the volume of free plugins and tutorials has not only greatly increased, but also the quality and power of each plugin are continually pushing jQuery to its limits. Does it even have limits?


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Enhancing your Web Design with Sliders and Scrollers

August 13, 2009 • By

A few years back, the only way a web designer could enhance a web design with the kind of cool effects, similar to sliders and scrollers, was by using Flash. Even if you loved it or loathed it, Flash certainly filled the creativity gap that was created by the limitations of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Lately, though, with the advancement and popularity of the javascript libraries (especially with jQuery), those cool effects can be created with a lot less code, a lot less frustration and the file size is a damn sight smaller than using a Flash movie.


23 Indispensible Ajax and Javascript Cheat Sheets

June 25, 2009 • By

JavaScript has always been one of the most popular programming languages on the web, and with the arrival of AJAX it quickly became the number one choice for pro web developers.
With the rapid rise of Javascript and Ajax many frameworks and libraries have been created by developers, namely MooTools, Scriptaculous, Prototype, and, of course the ever more popular and versatile jQuery.



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