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Five Amazing Graphic Design Portfolios

November 30, 2009 • By

Being able to design artistically is a gift, no doubt about it. You can learn all the theories and study all the art of the great artists, and it will not make you an artist, it is something you have to have been born with. In today’s news we have collected five recent articles that showcase the art of amazing graphic designers, and I am sure you will agree they are amazing.


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A Round-Up of the Best Illustrator Tutorials

September 22, 2009 • By

Adobe Illustrator is the most powerful tools for creating vector graphics. If you are a novice stepping into software as powerful as it, it can be daunting and off putting trying to learn. Where could you possibly start? The long way is to read the extensive documentation that comes packaged with Illustrator. Or, the easiest and best solution, is too follow a few of the many freely available Illustrator tutorials, written by the best and most talented of designers.

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50 Illustrator Cartoon Tutorials

August 24, 2009 • By

Illustrated cartoon characters within web design has taken a surge in popularity recently, a most welcome trend. Those very effective cute, odd or even nasty characters will always stay in your memory a lot longer than the actual web sites content and even a sites logo, they have that effect on you.

In this post you will find 50 vector cartoon characters tutorials using Adobe Illustrator, each tut author takes you through there own individual cartoon character design process, teaching you new techniques in the process.



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